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AW16 WOM & NOW: The Best of British Class

February 17, 2016

The name of the AW16/17 collection of WOM & NOW already shows the inspiration for this winter: ‘Bloomsbury Road’ is all about British Class. This road, located in London, has been the home to numerous historical institutions, gardens, and cultural spots for centuries now, and is known to be an area for the fashionable upper class. The label explains:

“The Bloomsbury of the arts, of education and of medicine.
The Bloomsbury of Virginia Woolf and of John Maynard Keynes.
The Bloomsbury of modern thinking,
which changed literature economics and aesthetics forever,
which forged a new attitude towards life.
The Bloomsbury of the unshakable faith in the importance of art.”

WOM & NOW WOM & NOW 2 With this collection, WOM & NOW wants to create modern designs with nostalgic reminiscences: urban luxury for the classy cosmopolitan. The British inspiration can be recognized by the use of many welsh checks, harris and other tweeds. The knitted wools and raincoats seem to be a reference to the cold and rainy weather in London, just as the turtlenecks, long leather gloves and caps. These streamlined, strong designs are alternated with feminine elements such as flowing blouses, delicate embellishments, cute laced-up heels and soft (faux)fur collars. The colors used in the collection of ‘Bloomsbury Road’ are rather warm with old pink, red, ochre, tobacco, coffee and burnt orange. This earthy color scheme is alternated with the basics in order to create a nice balance for the overall look.


It is clear that balance is very important throughout the collection: there is a playful contrast between strong materials such as tweed and flowing feminine silks, between straight lines and dynamic movement. It is wonderful to see that the balance is executed on a high level, truly admirable! WOM & NOW designed this collection for the dynamic, cosmopolitan and demanding woman who loves a high dose of femininity and a contemporary twist. I am already falling for this fashion label, what about you?!


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