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The Art of Fashion Illustration: The Icons

February 26, 2016

In my Arty Farty Fashion Friday of last month I spoke about Emerging Masters in the world of Fashion Illustrations. Now it’s time to get to The Icons which are shown in the book I have been reading: The Art of Fashion Illustration. Since the concept of fashion illustration is still relatively young, these illustrators are the classics which made way for all of the future artists to come, to put fashion illustrations on the map! Let’s check them out

Samantha Hahn

The style of Samantha Hahn is known for a feminine mix of delicate lines with a variety of lush and vibrant watercolors. Her aim is to make her illustrations look effortless with an efficient use of lines and shapes, which she later enhances with Photoshop.

Samantha hahn

Her advice: “At first the illustration world seems vast and you have to find your point of entry and carve out your niche in the market. Through trial and error and willingness to accept rejection and learn from it (…) I found my voice. Once you are situated firmly in the industry, work will beget work. (…) Instead of spending a huge portion of my time trying to get work, I spend it doing projects that more clients will see. When your work is published it’s like a public vetting. Clients find you and see what you can do and believe that you will perform well for them as well.

Samantha hahn 1Stina Persson 2Samantha hahn 2

Stina Persson

This artist may be one of the most well-respected and widely known female illustrators. She works in many mediums and her techniques include drawing, painting, collage and – when necessary –  the computer. “I love working with color and it comes to me easily, which is why I do lots of watercolor: Of course, I also love the rawness and edginess of ink, as well as the structural feel of collage”.

Stina Persson 3

Her advice: “Take any job you can get. But never work for nothing. A client will never pay for something they earlier got for free, no matter what they promise”, she says. “Develop a personal style and seek inspiration not from illustrators but fine artist”.

Stina Persson

Stina Persson 1Samantha Hahn 3

Nuno Da Costa

Nuno da Costa is known for his ‘Nuno Woman’ and he says she is growing and maturing as he does. “She is strong and vulnerable, modern and classic, with an edge to her. She is complex and contradictory, as we all are. I’m learning to let go, to let her and my work go – to be not so perfect,” Da Costa explains. He often works with scanning several layers of materials over each other: pencil, gouache and watercolors are his favorite for this process.

Nuna da Costa 2

His advice: “Beginning illustratosrs should not judge themselves too harshly or compare themselves to others. Illustration isn’t about who draws best, it’s about finding your own voice, your own language. It sounds cheesy but it’s so true; it’s not our job to be anyone else, we just have to be the best ‘self’ that we can. (…) know that rejection is temporary and part of the process, and that one day you will look back and understand why things happened the way they did. Use rejection as fuel to get you from A to B”.

Nuna da Costa 3Nuno da CostaNuna da Costa 1

Caroline Andrieu

Passionate and impatient, Caroline Andrieu usually uses colored inks or just simple pencils in her work. She likes to finish an illustration the same day she starts it. “I’m not very patient. I have to be in the same mood all the way through the process.” She also likes to give herself a challenge by working mostly with ink in her illustrations, she explains: “I like that you can’t erase it, that you have to deal with your mistakes, with the stains. The ink actually gives a lot of strength to the pictures.”

Caroline Andrieu 3

Her advice: “Be passionate. Fashion illustration is evolving every day, more and more, and I am glad to be a part of it”.

Caroline Andrieu 2Caroline Andrieu 1

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