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The 5 Things I Loved to Learn during the 7DayRecharge Week

March 27, 2016

1. Be conscience on where you spend your energy

There is this saying… “What you Focus on, grows” and I couldn’t agree more! The 7DayRecharge program made me realize that I should spend more energy on positive experiences instead of the negative ones. I have a tendency to become disappointed in myself when I fail at something, which makes me jumpy and frustrated. Now I’ve learned to remind myself: “Grow your positive development, you don’t want to waste your energy on negativity”. Also it’s great to share this with the people around you because you will get lots of extra positive energy from them in return!

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2. Bedtime Yoga is the best thing ever

Before the 7DayRecharge week, I never found Yoga something for me: I am too energetic, impatient, I can barely sit still. The morning yoga was okay, usually I don’t have time because I have to get to work, but it was a nice way to get your day started. However, I absolutely LOVE the bedtime yoga! After a long day of work and running around it felt great to give my body some well-deserved stretching and let it come to rest, my ‘cooling-down’ of the day so to say. Usually I am still too busy thinking about work and I have a hard time falling asleep, or I am too exhausted and I fall asleep immediately, but my night rest doesn’t feel that great because my body is still stressed. With bedtime yoga my body and mind get balanced out so I will be able to enjoy my sleep more, being more fresh for the next morning!

Extra tip! Something else I’ve learned regarding to bedtime yoga, in case your mind can’t stop thinking about work: Ask yourself “Do I really need this right now?” If the answer is no, it can wait till tomorrow, consciously decide to let it go and continue to focus on your breathing. Slowly but surely you will be able to ‘peel off’ your thoughts till you reach a peaceful state of mind.

3. Secret Addictions you didn’t realize existed

Before I started the 7DayRecharge I never realized how addicted I was to coffee and chocolate. It’s almost unconscious… going for coffee with friends, getting a coffee at work, grabbing a quick coffee on your way out in the morning to fresh up your mind. Without realizing I drank around 3 cups of coffee each day! I learned this the hard way the 2nd day of the Recharge Week when I got some serious withdrawal symptoms, not that fun I can tell you! I’m still having a hard time not grabbing some chocolate or candy as a small snack but I hope those cravings will soften soon. Anyway, my point is: think very well about what you are eating/ drinking. Is there something unhealthy you might be unconsciously addicted to?



4. Priority and Highlight Lists

Each night before going to bed I had to write down the highlights of my day, which made me realize I had quite some good moments and appreciate them more. It gives you a positive boost before going to bed, it’s great! Besides that, I also had to write down my priority list of ‘To-Do’s’ each night for the next day. The fact that you do it the night before gives your mind some extra peace because you don’t feel stressed you might forget something. Also during the day it’s nice to have something to hold on to in case you are feeling chaotic, it gives your day some extra structure and focus.

5. Celebrate your Success: small or big

Usually when I achieved something I don’t really celebrate it because I am already thinking about my next step. The thing we pay more attention to is when we fail in something because it makes us disappointed, which is not good! Because of this Recharge Week I learned to take some time to appreciate my success, either small or big. This way you emphasize positive energy and gain more self-confidence. After the celebration you will be all pepped-up to rock your next success even harder! “Count your Blessings” darlings7DayRecharge

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