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Foodie Friday: 3 Restaurants you have to Visit in Barcelona

April 8, 2016

Hi there lovelies!

I am very excited to present this very first edition of the ‘Foodie Friday’! From now on I will be searching everywhere for the coolest bars, best restaurants, cutest bistros, and more! Basically this is just a great excuse for me to go eat outside more often, but hey it’s a win-win right?! Also I want to note that some of the visits I do are sponsored, but that would never influence the way I write about my experience! If you guys are okay with that, so am I :) Anyway, let’s get on with it! Which restaurants did I visit last month?

1. Toto Restaurante

This authentic restaurant invited me for a degustación menu, with a small tour and explanation about the kitchen included! I was very pleased to hear that Toto restaurant has a ‘Zero KM’ rule. It means that they exclusively use seasonal, biological products from locals: it’s not only healthier, but also supports their community! The restaurant has an open kitchen so you can take a peek at the chefs cooking your meal, and the interior is a mix between modern industrial and warm nostalgia. Personally I really enjoyed the ambient of the restaurant, the staff was very kind and everything is very spacious so you don’t feel overcrowded. But let’s get to the best part: the food!

Toto Restaurante3Toto Restaurante2

The Degustación menu consists out of a lot of small dishes so you get a taste of everything that the restaurant has to offer. This Beets & Grapefruit salad was one of my favorites! It’s combined with goat cheese and walnuts… I should be able to make this myself right? 

ALLL of the food was delicious, unique, fresh and well presented. Thumbs up for Toto Restaurante! 

 Toto Restaurante 1Toto Restaurante4 Picture above: the awesome interior with views on the open kitchen in the back! Picture below: a quick picture with ladyboss Ronit Stern, the creative brain behind the restaurant and the general director. Thanks for the lovely evening! Toto Restaurante

2. Tropico Barcelona

You might remember this bar from the beautiful picture I posted not too long ago of me standing in front of an incredible carved out world map wall. THIS IS THE PLACE GUYS! Besides the amazing interior, I also had a great time looking at the menu because of all the fun dishes they offered. As the name of the restaurant already gives away, the menu mainly offers exotic dishes inspired by many cultures (mainly South American, Arabic, and even some British!) – which results in very interesting combinations. All the food looks very fresh and is definitely tasty!

Tropico bcn 2Tropico bcn 4Tropico bcn1Tropico bcn

Besides the fun food menu, they also have a wide range of interesting smoothies and juices to offer! 








These pancakes are THE BEST OMG! I’m swear I’m not even joking when I say I still daydream about them sometimes… #foodporn  Tropico bcn 3  3. La Fermata

My not so secret pleasure…. Pizza! Every now and then it’s perfectly fine to treat yourself with an unhealthy dinner, especially if it’s as tasty as the Pizza’s they make in La Fermata. I got to know their food in an event where they catered and I just HAD to find them! Their pizzas are completely different than any other I’ve ever tried since they have a different type of dough (it seems to be closer to focaccia) and the toppings have very intense flavors. Besides typical toppings such as fungi, ham, four cheeses etc., they also experiment themselves with new types of toppings such as caprese, pesto, sobrasada, and even honey! You can choose yourself how big of a slice you want so I would recommend taking a couple of thin slices to try more types of pizza <3

La Fermata La Fermata1 La Fermata4

Obviously I had to make a Snapchat story of my visit and already start eating the pizza before we finished making the pictures. Because – PIZZA – 

La Fermata3La Fermata2These were the three first restaurants I visited for my monthly FOODIE FRIDAY! Did you guys like it? If anyone has tips for me, or heard about a restaurant and you are not sure if it’s worth going? Let me know and I will check it out for you! I already have something really nice in mind for next months’ edition so stay tuned for more!

Lots of Love, 



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  • Reply Marta Sierra May 4, 2016 at 3:52 pm

    Can you believe that I’ve never been to these restaurants?? I need to go next time I come to Barcelona!!

    Lots of kisses,


    • Reply LynnQuanjel May 6, 2016 at 6:19 pm

      You should definitely go! let me know when you are back in Barcelona, would be lovely to see you again :)

  • Reply Pablo Parra May 9, 2016 at 10:08 am

    Hey Lynn! I’m from Mexico and currently living in Barcelona and it’s such an amazing city in a lot of ways, especially if you’re always looking for good restaurants with tasty and different options!

    I really love Tropico, the concept, the place itself and obviously the food! Gonna look for the other two recommendations you posted it!

    Have a lovely week! Great post!

    • Reply LynnQuanjel May 9, 2016 at 12:28 pm

      Hey Pablo! Thank you so much for the sweet comment, It´s great to see that you like Barcelona as much as I do :) The great thing is that there are sooo many places to discover, so I can keep searching for beautiful new places every month! Let me know if you liked the other places I reccomended, I really hope you enjoy them as much as I did!!

  • Reply imke May 17, 2016 at 10:42 am

    hey I’m also currently living in Barcelona. I didn’t know these places so I really have to try them out!!

    Love Imke

    • Reply LynnQuanjel May 18, 2016 at 12:23 am

      Yes you definitely should! Let me know what you think about them :) xx

    Leave a Reply