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What happens if a Vegetarian eats meat?

October 9, 2016

It has been a long time since I ate meat. Actually, I was always a big lover of meat, but I decided become vegetarian 2 years ago: for my own health, and to make a statement against animal abuse. However, I wouldn’t want to call myself a strict vegetarian: it is ridiculous to push yourself from one extreme to the other in 1 week I think. So for a couple of months I still ate chicken every now and then. Now I still eat fish 2-3 times a week, but no meat. Slowly getting used to being a full vegetarian and maybe even vegan sometimes. Anyways, I think it’s safe to say that meat is currently out of my system. Which brings us to my story.

The other day I was shooting a ‘Goodmorning’ series in a hotel, and I asked the kitchen to prepare us a pretty breakfast which would look good in the pictures. Since I usually always eat yogurt with fruits for breakfast, I totally forgot that perhaps they would give me something else. So yeah, you can already imagine: they proudly presented me an English breakfast at the door… bacon and sausages included. This brought me to a big dilema… If I eat this, I go against my own principles because I don’t want to hurt animals. But then again, if I don’t eat this, it would feel like the poor thing would have died for nothing. So I decided to make sure it wouldn’t, and make it an actual experiment: what would happen if I would eat meat again after such a long time?

So as you figured, I took a couple of bites from the bacon and the sausages. The first thing I realized was quite surprising for me: in all the years that I ate meat I was always CRAZY about bacon, but now I was eating it and I actually wasn’t that impressed with the taste anymore. Not too long after that, I suddenly started getting a stomach ache, one quite hard to explain. You know how your stomach kinda blows up when you ate something bad? I was getting nauseous and bloated. It was as if my stomach was having a hard time processing the food I just ate, as if the injected hormones and antibiotics were attacking my body. Do you know what it feels like when you stop eating something unhealthy for a while (like bread, sugar, chips, etc.) and then suddenly you try it again? This was exactly how that felt like. This experiment made me realize how toxic meat actually is for us: if you eat it on a regular base your body gets used to it, but that doesn’t mean it’s healthy for your body to deal with such toxins each day!

This is definitely something of the last century because people managed to produce meat faster and in bigger quantities by using antibiotics and hormones. So yes, proteins are important for us – and if educated well, you can find those in many other products which are not meat. However, with the current mass production of meat companies use so much terrible chemicals, that meat is doing more harm than good nowadays.  I am not saying everyone should suddenly become vegetarian, but let’s start with eating a bit less meat and being more aware of what you put inside your body.

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