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Exclusive Editorial for Point Seven Mach + 1 extra shot!

October 26, 2016

One of the fastest results of my Tour is this nostalgic editorial for Point Seven Mach! A rather young, yet rapidly growing magazine which publishes online as well as in print:

We don’t care about fashion. We like clothing and pretty things but, above all, we love women. This is all about women.

Jeff Tuliniemi2

What I love about PSM is how empowering it is for women. All of their editorials show strong, sexy women in their purest form. Women who are comfortable with their body and choose to be proud of it. Isn’t that what we all should be aiming for in the first place? Go Ladybosses!

Jeff Tuliniemi1

Jeff Tuliniemi

The selection of pictures I show here on the blog are my personal favorites, but you can also check out the full editorial on Point Seven Mach! Just click here.

Point Seven Mach2  Point Seven Mach1 Point Seven Mach

Boom! I saved my personal favorite for last. But absolutely adore this full series, Jeff Tuliniemi is such a talented photographer and we have a great connection! It was a fun day in London, I hope to shoot with him again soon :)


Photography: Jeff Tuliniemi

Model: Lynn Quanjel

Muah: Gwen Reece

Magazine: Point Seven Mach

Location: London

Lingerie: Karolina Laskowska

Tights: Wolford

 Oh and before I forget… I promised you guys 1 extra shot that isn’t used for the editorial in Point Seven Mach… in color! I think it’s a super casual and fun pic which shows the vibes we had during the shooting. Look for yourself :)

Jeff Tuliniemi

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