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Five types of photographers that drive models CRAZY

November 23, 2016

There are many things that can drive models crazy… castings, people telling you that you’re too skinny, breakouts from unhygienic make-up tools, waiting on set, and so on. Every job has its pros and cons rights? Today we take on the topic of photographers, because even though there are many amazing ones, there are also many photographers that drive models crazy. [start rant]

1. The Amateur

Every model has experienced this: a photographer contacting you through Facebook to ask for a free shoot. When you check their profile it turns out they are nowhere near to a professional level so you kindly tell them that you are not available/ interested. Surprisingly enough, they seem to believe that they are photography Gods and are immensely insulted by the fact that you rejected them, which results in insults/ rude comments/ justifying anecdotes on how amazing they are and how there are 100s of models waiting in line for them. #byefelipe

2. The AWOL

This type of photographer shows up on every level. Sometimes you make plans and then they suddenly stop answering, other times they decide to disappear after your shoot so you never get your pictures. Here’s all that I have to say to you: if you make the decision to commit to a photoshoot, be a professional. Not answering is the weakest path you could choose… at least be (wo)man enough to cancel or explain why you can’t/won’t send the pictures. Bring your Camera

3. The Perv

“No is No” is a sentence that this photographer doesn’t seem to understand. Models are very clear about how far they want to go (regarding topless/covered/nude), so why would you disrespect that and try to push our limits all the time? The best part is that they try to turn around the blame and make us look like prudish babies that are ruing the flow of the shoot. Here’s what you’re not getting: with making models uncomfortable you are the one ruining the shoot. Sure, some models don’t mind doing nude – and that’s fine – but that doesn’t mean all of us want to. Stop asking for the 10th time.

4. The Big-Head

These photographers usually already have a good portfolio… and they know it. They tend to get very cocky whenever you want to organize a shoot with them. They refuse to do any preparation work and often get quite dramatic when things don’t go their way. For these photographers counts the same as for the AWOL: if you make the decision to do a collaboration, be a professional. Not a prom queen. There’s no need to give an attitude, we are all a team working towards the same results. The worse is when they get SO cocky that they don’t even bother to do a decent post-production, or when they decide that the shoot isn’t even worth editing because they are too busy. Again: if you decide to make a commitment, finish it. Photographers

5. The Perfectionist

This type of photographer drives us crazy on so many levels. Not only are we waiting for the right light settings for most of the time during the shoot, this photographer doesn’t allow us to do our own posing either. Whenever we try to move, they put us in the pose that they have in mind, which feels very unnatural and uncomfortable… and quite frankly… completely boring. Do we tell you how to do your job? Yeah I didn’t think so either. Shoots with this photographer aren’t fun: there is no connection nor vibes and it will show in the results. If you are in bad luck they are also a Photoshop perfectionists, which means that it will take weeks or months before you see some pictures.

[end rant]

Pfiew, well that’s off my chest haha! This one is for all the frustrated models out there, I’m feeling ya lol. Did I miss any type of photographer that needs to be added to the list? I won’t be doing any shoots till the end of January, so be ready for a new editorial boom in February!

Lots of Love,


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P.p.s. Amazing photography credits to my love Naelia Salas <3 


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