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My Xmas Wishlist

December 5, 2016

It’s DECEMBER! The only month that I don’t mind that it’s freezing winter. IT’S ALMOST CHRISTMAS! For as long as I can remember Christmas has been my favorite holiday because it brings all the family together and we create beautiful memories which I cherish deeply. Last year my family has grown quite a lot and therefore we decided to play ‘Secret Santa’: everyone gets one person for whom he/she has to buy presents, instead of everyone buying presents for everyone. After all: it’s not about buying an infinite amount of presents, it’s about sharing sweet gestures.


An watercolor world map! I’ll be changing up my room these months and a beautiful artistic world map would really be the cherry on the pie.


I’ve only heard lyrical reviews about the Miracle Complexion Sponge from Real Techniques till now. I have to try! 


Current IT Girl Anna Nooshin wrote a book about her climb to the top. She seems like such an intriguing person so I would love to learn more about her. 


Education about what you put inside your body is SO important. Before I become a vegetarian I need to know what I should cook/eat to make sure I won’t be missing anything vital. Besides, new recipies never hurt!


I decided I want to do more with video next year… I will definitely need more memory for that! 

My resolution for the next year: learn how to relax better. Sometimes it’s not good to be a workaholic so I hope that Yoga will help me to detach every now and then. And yes. It has to be a pink mat. 

What do you guys think about my Secret Santa Wishlist? I am very curious to see what is beneath the Christmas Tree. But honestly, I am mainly excited about the christmas games we are going to play. My sister and her boyfriend are awesome at coming up with crazy stuff so each year is an epic one! What will you be doing this Christmas?

Lots of Love, 


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