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Looking Back on 2016

January 1, 2017

Happy New Year everyone! Did you have a good party last night?

Yesterday I definitely spent some time thinking about my year, so much happened in such a short time. Before I start writing down my new year resolutions, I figured it was a good idea to look back on some of my favorite achievements to celebrate the positive vibes!

1. Hunkemöller Ambassador

Exactly one year ago, I was talking with Hunkemöller about a collaboration. Little did I know that I would be their newest ambassador very soon! We had an amazing Summer & Christmas event, as well as an awesome press trip to Berlin! I can’t wait for new adventures with them in 2017 :)ak8a2433-hkmx-christmas-p2-medium

2. Who is that Blonde on Tour

In September & October I travelled around Europe to visit fashion weeks, do photoshoots, attend super events and collaborate with brands. Not only did I meet amazing people such as Karlie Kloss and Olivia Palermo, I also got published in magazines such as Elle, Glamour, Grazia, C-Heads Magazine and Point Seven Mach. Read more about my tour here. tour-compilation-celebs-mediumtour-compilation-ig-mediumtour-compilation-mags-medium

3. Fashionista Angel

A couple of months ago, I was asked to become a Fashionista Angel, now you can find my monthly blogs & columns on their website!glitter-look-medium

4. Interviews

Throughout the year, I’ve been asked for interviews as an expert for several magazines and newspapers such as El Periódico (Spain), US Trendy and Nederlands Dagblad. This month I can be found in Fashionista Magazine with an interview!

el periodico

5. First TV debute (RTL & AT5)

Not that long ago I was on television for the very first time with a topic on the Primark opening in Amsterdam. While shooting for the TV channel AT5 I was also asked by RTL if I could be in some of their shots. Double win!rtl-appearance

Looking back on this year I couldn’t be more proud of myself, and barely more excited about 2017! Let’s make it a good one altogether shall we?

Lots of love,



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