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Meet our new Contributor: Demi Jonk

February 1, 2017

FROM VLOGGER TO BLOGGER: Demi Jonk is a beautiful model that is conquering the world and has the craziest adventures. She has walked several fashion weeks, worked with cool brands like ASOS and is currently working in New York with Wilhelmina Models. It’s so great that you’re joining the team!

Tell us something about yourself: what does your daily life look like?

Hi! First of all, I’m really excited to join the Blonde Squad. I can’t wait to share my thoughts and to write awesome posts! But without further ado, I’ll introduce myself: I’m Demi Jonk, 19 years old and living in Haarlem, The Netherlands (well that’s where my home is haha). I started fulltime modelling as soon as I graduated high school. It all began as a gap year before going to university, but now already 2 years passed by and I’m still travelling the world as a model. It’s difficult to explain what my daily life looks like, because I travel a lot and it never looks the same. This Is why I started making vlogs. But usually my days consist out of workouts, shoots, seeing friends and strolling around the city I’m at.

What do you like the most and the least about modeling?

Let’s always start with the positive haha ;) What I really love about modeling is that it makes you able to travel and see a lot of beautiful places, places you maybe otherwise won’t visit. You experience the most fun and interesting adventures and you meet loads of very inspiring people. The negative side in my opinion is that you need to have certain sizes to fit in the clothes, which are really tiny. I would love to see a change in the industry but I know a lot of people do and it’s still not happening…

What is the coolest job you ever did till now?

One of the shoots I will remember forever is actually one of my first. It was located at the breathtakingly beautiful Pandawa beach, Bali. We had to wait till the sun came up to be able to take the best shots. I laid down on the rocks with my body all covered up in sand, it looked really cool.

What would you like to achieve in 2017?

This is a funny question, because I just achieved my goal for 2017… to be able to go to America as a model! This means I have to think of a new goal… hmmm. Maybe to be on the cover of any kind of magazine, that’s something I really want to achieve.

What will you write about for Who is that Blonde?

A lot of my posts are probably going to be about modeling and traveling, because that’s what I’m doing and keeps me busy. This contains tips and tricks, behind the scenes, model stories, hotspots, photo diary’s etc… It can be anything that comes up to my mind! 

What’s your planning for the upcoming months? 

I’m currently in New York, preparing myself for the upcoming fashion week castings. So that’s the plan for the next month: do fashion week in New York and hopefully London and Milan as well. After that I hope to get some rest (because believe me, fashion week is insane!!) and quickly get back to work after that. Obviously I will also be writing a lot of interesting blogs for you guys in the upcoming months, stay tuned!

Where else can we follow your adventures?

Last year, I started to upload vlogs on my YouTube channel (I’m sorry it’s in Dutch). When I’m travelling I upload almost daily vlogs to document my adventures to show people what the life of a model looks like. So if you’re interested you can either subscribe to my youtube channel or follow me on my Instagram.

Demi Jonk will start writing a blog every other wednesday, do you have any questions for her? Let us know!

Lots of Love,


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