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10 Nutrition Tips for better workout results

February 19, 2017

Since the last time we talked about the right workout gear, it’s time for the next step in our journey to better workout results: your eating habits. In order to get the body you want, you will have to work on the outside as well as on the inside, for which the right nutrition is vital. I talked to model coach Paultje Column for some tips. 

“For starters”, Paultje says, “we have to stop fooling ourselves, we know exactly what is healthy or not if we think about it.” I think he secretly has a point, but a couple of nutrition tips never hurt! Let’s see what Paultje had to say.

1. Drink a glass of water with ever meal, no exceptions!

2. Eat 30-50 grams of fibers ever day.

3. Eat your calories, don’t drink them! No more smoothies or juice detoxes.

4. Make sure you get good breakfast every day to jump-start your metabolism.

5. Stop guessing proportions, start measuring your food in order to make sure you get exactly what your body needs. Educate yourself!

6. Get your proteins within an hour before you train (max), or 30 minutes after you train.

7. Not feeling active before a workout? Drink black coffee: it will give you energy to train harder. Plus, it will make your metabolism work faster as well. Double win!

8. Eat light before you train and a full meal after you finish: it’s better for your body and it will feel so much more rewarding.

9. There is a difference between being hungry or having cravings. If you aren’t really hungry drink a glass of water.

10. Start eating less, more often. Preferably small meals or snacks “every 2 hours.

Finding the right balance in our nutrition is a constant struggle, but of course we are allowed to have cheat days! Whenever I go to workout I eat a banana and drink a coffee beforehand, and afterwards I love to eat pasta or rice dishes to really nurture my muscles. But nothing beats my true beauty secret: liters, liters and LITERS of water (literally, 2-3 liters per day), I couldn’t say it enough. At first it was terrible because I had to pee like, every 5 minutes. However, now my body got used to it and I can see my skin and my body look so much better.

Which nutrition tip was the most useful or interesting for you? Do you have any other questions? I will try to answer them for you!

Lots of Love,


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