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Nothing Beats the Beach

February 22, 2017

Who doesn’t love wandering around the beach: endless horizons and fresh air. Last week me and Frances went on a photography date to enjoy the beautiful Dutch nature, close to Amsterdam.

Since I learned my lesson about dressing weather-appropriate last month (heels and snow are not friends), I decided to go all warm and fuzzy for this chilly beach day. After living in Barcelona for over a year I am pretty much freezing all the time here in the rainy Netherlands, so I can never have enough layers.

Aww isn’t our date romantic? <3

I was amazed by the beautiful beach that Frances took me to: the sand was very watery so it left a beautiful reflection. A small sun peaking through a cloudy sky and endless beach… absolutely magic. I think we spent 2 hours walking around there because we couldn’t stop taking pictures, or at least it felt like it because it was so mesmerizing. I’m not saying I’m good at photography, actually I’m pretty bad at it because I’m terrible with the technical settings. But for me it’s a way to get creative, just like writing poetry.

Now that I’m back in the Netherlands I am always searching for new places to discover, is there anything that you would recommend? Let me know!

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