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10 Signs you are in a Model Apartment

March 5, 2017

As a model you stay in different model apartments all over the world. This makes you able to gain a lot of new friends who are all doing same thing as you. It’s very convenient to stay in a model home if it’s your first time in the city you’re going to, because the girls that are staying there can show you around and help you with everything. Also, you don’t have to find a place to stay by yourself, because your agency arranges everything for you. I’ve met such amazing people by living in model apartments and I have really good experiences, but there are also some typical signs that show that you’re in a model apartment. Keep reading!

1. Old comp cards spread around, these could be from 5 years ago … are these girls even still modeling??

2. Russian or Polish cosmetics left behind in the bathroom (I really don’t know why it’s always the East-European)

3. Rules on the fridge (or basically all over the walls)

4. Garbage everywhere (and who is going to clean it up?)

5. Bunk beds, to fit as many tall, slim models in the tiny rooms as possible.

6. Mismatched furniture, it’s probably too much effort or too expensive to buy matching ones.

7. A fridge full of kale, avocado and eggs. I don’t think I have to explain this one ;)

8. Random black heels and nude thongs in the back of a closet and nobody knows from who they are.

9. Old portfolios, because a lot of girls leave theirs at the apartment when going home. (Believe me these things are f*king heavy!!)

10. Dirty dishes in the sink, because if one person leaves their used plate or pan in the sink .. why would you wash yours, right?

Would you have ever guessed that our apartments look this messy? What else would you like to know about the life of a model? Leave me a message and I’ll write a blog about it!



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