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Column #4: Getting Older?!

March 12, 2017

I don’t know about you guys, but sometimes I metaphorically look at myself and I’m like.. “wow, I am actually getting older. It’s really happening!”. Like… I already knew it would happen. But how confronting is it when you really start noticing it?? When the bags under my eyes start to become permanent, or when I prefer to stay home in my pajamas all weekend instead of going out to party, or having the WORST hangovers EVER when you decide to suck it up and go to party anyway. 

The last three times I went out to party were a lot of fun, but the day after was just the most terrible thing I ever experienced in my life. Now I understand why old people don’t like to party that much anymore. Dehydrated, headaches, nausea, exhaustion… you name it. Of course, I’ve had hangovers before, but it’s like they are getting 10 times worse. They say that after 25 you go downhill. I’m not even there yet. I was supposed to have one extra year!

Now I started experimenting: how to prevent this hangover from hell? That’s why I am writing you today: I found the solution.

Step 1: Eat a LOT of food before going out

Step 2: Drink whatever the hell you want (preferably not mixing drinks, but you already know that)

Step 3: 1 hour before you are leaving the party start drinking water non-stop (I might have had 10 glasses).

Step 4: At home, order a huge pizza and eat everything while chugging down even more water.

Step 5: The next morning you let yourself sleep-in, drink some coffee (and more water) when you wake-up and eat some crackers or bread with peanut butter.

Who was saying we are getting older? I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Bye bye hangover, bye bye age. My party days aren’t over yet muahaha!

They say the 30’s are the new 20’s? Bring it on, I’m ready for you ;)

Lots of Love,



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