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5 Steps: how to become a model

March 19, 2017

Lately I’ve been getting TONS of messages from you guys, asking me for tips on how to become a model. Hopefully this post will give you some more clarity on what it takes to be a model, and how to get started. 

Step 1: Find your motivation

Before you start chasing a modeling career, think very well: why do you want to be a model? For the fame? For the money? In that case it’s better to turn around, because that’s not what’s going to keep you determined to keep going. The modeling world is a though place where we are often told we are not good enough, face huge competition, and most of the time we barely earn anything. The model life is not glamorous, so make sure you want this before diving in head-first.

Step 2: Just do it

So you decided that you really want to go for it? Then let’s do it! It sounds so easy but many girls wonder… how? The first step to know if you are cut out to be a model is simple: make some pictures of yourself (or even use vacation photos) and send them to several model agencies. Which agencies? Simply google: “Model agency in *insert your country*” and send your pictures to the first 10 agencies that look professional.

BONUS: If you want to take your photos to a more professional level, ask a friend to make you some ‘polaroids’: pictures of you in your swimwear or tight black clothes that show off your body. Every model has polaroids, which we have to update every 3-6 months. Here are some examples:

Important for good polaroids: at least have one close-up portrait, one half body, one full body – straightforward as well as from the side. Simple clothes and no make-up, agencies simply want to see who you are without any distractions. Last but not least: polaroids are best taken in day light. 

Step 3: Take care of Yourself

Being a model is more than looking good on pictures. There are certain sizes you’ll need to have in order to fit into the sample clothing of the designers. It’s important to stay in shape in a healthy way, Demi knows all about this! If you want more tips about how to take care of your body, watch her workout video. Other cool blogs you should check out are: “The reason why models never wear make-up”, “How to stay in shape without working out” and “The reason why HIIT workout doesn’t work out for models“. You can thank me later :)

As for the physical requirements for models. Here they are: 

Length: 174cm-180cm

Hips: 87cm-91cm

Waist: 58cm-62cm

Bust: 80cm-84cm

In the chart on the right you can find a detailed explanation on how to measure your own sizes. These sizes are quite strict, unfortunately. But as long as the fashion world still likes them we have to make sure to fit in. If these sizes are really not attainable for you: the rules for commercial models are a bit less strict, give it a try!

Step 4: Improve yourself

In case an agency took you in, congrats! They believe you have model potential and they will help you developing your portfolio. If not: keep looking for agencies, and maybe even start to organize some photoshoots to practice your skills. Go with friends to make pictures of each other. Or, if you want to try the next step: join local facebook groups of fashion creatives such as photographers, models and make-up artists. Here you can comment on requests for photoshoots. You could even place a post yourself, asking for a TFP shoot with a team.

TFP means ‘Time for Print’. A team will work together in order to improve everyone’s portfolio.

Need some tips to improve your modeling? I had a workshop with the famous Australian photographer Peter Coulson, where he explained everything about model photography (for models as well as photographers). Check out what I learned here.

Step 5: Repeat all of the above

Very few girls have the luck of getting spotted on the streets and rise to fame overnight. Most of us work hard every week to keep growing and become better at what we do. Better pictures, better jobs: it’s a circle that keeps repeating itself. The most important is: if you REALLY want this, don’t give up and keep trying. 

Goodluck my lovelies! 

Lots of Love,


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