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3 ways to upgrade your IG to the next level

April 9, 2017

We have come to a point where IG is more than just a gallery where you share your life with the world. It’s an art piece where every separate detail is a part of the bigger picture. Having a beautiful Instagram feed is vital for your followers growth, but how do bloggers do it? 

1. Stick to a Color Palette

Look closely: all the IG accounts that are nice to look at, have a certain color palette. Usually a color palette consists out of 3-6 colors. By sticking to the same colors, your feed becomes more balanced, clean and stylish. It also helps to choose one filter and stick to it in order to make your feed more cohesive.















@WhoisthatBlonde                                                                            @ClaartjeRose

2. Pay attention to Dimensions

Always make sure to play with dimensions in your IG. Alternate close-ups with wide angle shots, your selfies with your breakfast and streetstyle pics with outfit details. Keep changing things up because otherwise there is too much of the same going on and it gets boring.















@AmandavanEffrink                                                                @SurvivoronStilettos

3. Think in Twelve

In order to think of your IG as ONE art piece, it helps to always consider your latest 12 posts when choosing a new picture. Make sure there is a balance between lifestyle/ fashion/ details/ personal pictures in order to create a story. Aimee Song from @SongofStyle first published this tip and it has been life changing. 















Three life changing IG Blogger tricks: did you already know about them? Give it a try and let me know how it went!

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    I love these tips! The color thing is soooo difficult! But it is a great reminder

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