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5 Signs you are a true Ladyboss

April 10, 2017

2017 is the year of the #ladyboss. All around the world women are stepping up their game and being awesome, I love it! Lately I’ve been interviewing many powerful women on their careers, and I started to notice they all have specific features in common. Do you consider yourself a ladyboss? Find out!

1. You don’t see others as competition. Instead, you admire the strong features of others and try to learn from them in order to improve yourself.

2. You are always thinking 5 steps ahead with your plans in order to keep growing continuously. You keep seeing/ creating opportunities and ideas everywhere so why would you stop?

3. You support others whenever you can. This doesn’t only creates positive vibes, but also goodwill, great friends and a strong network: karma really does work!

4. You live for your work because it’s what you love to do most. Some call you a workaholic, come call it a monetized hobby. Either way, you are obsessed 24/7, and you’re loving it.

5. Of course you get insecure and scared sometimes. The trick is: you face your fears and dive in headfirst. You aren’t afraid to get outside of your comfort zone and you don’t mind to learn along the way. No one ever got successful while playing it save all the time. Think about it. 

What else do you think is an important feature for a ladyboss? Let me know in the comments!

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