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How to look like a model off duty

April 16, 2017

From the catwalks to the streets. Models are always on the run so we have to be quick in choosing the right clothing. We never know when street photographers are going to capture you, so we always have to look good. Of course because of our work, we pick up several style tips along the way. In this post I will tell you how to create a model off duty look.

As a model you’re traveling a lot, so you can’t bring all the clothes you want. This is why we choose easy basics that always work together, simplicity and minimalism is the key to a stylish outfit.

All black isn’t boring, it’s easy but still cool and chic at the same time. Especially when you combine different materials with each other, like leather and velvet or suede. 

Choose heeled boots, because they are comfy and functional but still stylish and easy they go with almost every outfit!

Wear some cool accessories, to spice up a basic outfit. Think of some big glasses or a cool cap, but don’t over exaggerate. Models love to keep their outfit simple.

One eye catching item: for example this could be a colorful bag or a bright coat. This is how you make a basic outfit interesting and show your personality with your clothes.

Layers are everything! Because we are most of the time outside walking from casting to casting, we have to wear layers.

The most important thing: be confident! The trick to look awesome is not only in the clothes, it’s also about having confidence in yourself. Stand tall, your shoulders back and head high. Learn how to love yourself.

What do you think about the model off duty look? Would you wear it yourself? Let me know in the comments!

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