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The most popular blogs of April

April 30, 2017

How time flies! After the top blogs of March, it’s already time for the best viewed pages for this month. So, in case you missed them: here they are! To be honest, I was quite surprised about the results, will you take a look with me? 

4. Portfolio

Even though my portfolio has been getting regular visits every month, it somehow made a huge peak in April, and I didn’t even add new photos yet! Maybe I should?

3. About

I think I got a lot of new visitors this month, because everyone seemed to want to know “who is that blonde” (pun intended). Yay for me! 

2. How to look like a model off duty

Not only streetstyle photographers, but everyone seems to be obsessed about what models wear when they are not working. Demi spills the details :)

1. What I eat in a day (as a model)

This article was by far the most popular of the month. Models and food… who doesn’t have questions about that combination? Should we ask Demi to give us more insights? 

Did you miss any of these blogs in April? In that case: you’re welcome! Let me know if there are any topics you would like us to write about more. We love to share <3

Lots of Love,


P.s. Did you already see the best blogs of March?


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Lynn likes writing, food (lots of it) and cuddling cute doggies on the street. tells the story of her life as a travelling fashion journalist and model, including all inevitable adventures that come with it.

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