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Tips to get back to the gym

May 7, 2017

We have to admit .. sometimes the gym seems really far away and the step to working out is just too big. Days go by, a week, maybe even another week. Getting back into a workout routine can be really difficult, this is why I’ve set up these tips to help you to get back into the exercise habit!

Going back to the gym means having a healthy way of life. I only enjoy working out in times I feel good and comfortable in my own skin. Try to avoid junk food, eat more fruit and vegetables and of course drink a lot of water. This helps you to feel healthy from the inside and eventually motivates you to jump back into your gym routine.
Find a good workout buddy! If there is someone waiting for you, you are less likely to cancel. This tip works best for me, because it’s easy to skip a workout if no one will notice it. But if you made an appointment with your friend, sister or roomie you don’t want to disappoint them.  Share your fitness routine with your workout buddy and keep each other motivated!

What also works for me is to make a schedule. Mark on your calendar the days you have been working out. For example, a red X so you have an overview if its been too long since you went to the gym. Make a guideline for the month so you planned every workout in advance.
Some people skip their workouts because they think it’s boring or don’t know what to do or where to begin. In this case the best thing you could do is to attend the group lessons. It’s not only fun and effective but also works as encouragement, because the instructor will give you the extra push when you need it. With a wide variety of classes to choose, boring workouts will never be a problem again.

For that extra bit of motivation, grab a picture which shows your bodygoal. This could either be one of yourself when you were better in shape, or from someone else. When you don’t feel to confident about yourself or not motivated, just grab that picture and work for it! Your body is unfortunately not going to transform into that summer body by itself!

At the end the easiest way is simply not to stop. It doesn’t matter if it’s only once a week, but avoid the long breaks. Happy working out!




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Demi is a model currently travelling the world as a model. New York, Bali, London, Milan, Madrid… she has done it all. During her adventures, she will tell us everything about her best workout tips, hotspots, the life of a model and other cool stuff. You can follower her on Instagram @DemiJonk

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