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Los Angeles: a quick photo diary!

June 7, 2017

Los Angeles, finally I had the pleasure of meeting you! 2 days before flying my tickets were booked: time for a last-minute adventure before I would start my new job. I didn’t know the city, I didn’t know anyone, it was an amazing experience full of surprises.

Honestly, I didn’t even take that many pictures: I was too busy enjoying my time there, or in some cases, there was literally no one around to make pictures of me. As a blogger that was quite uncanny at first, but I came to appreciate it. Living life through your phone isn’t the same as actually experiencing it guys!

My go-to beach essentials of the week: 

Hat: WatMooi (vegan webshop)

Clutch: WatMooi (vegan webshop)

Sunnies: Quay (via Zalando)

The beach was as much fun as I expected, but surprisingly enough, less chic! It was really much more of a ‘hipster’ area with cheap food stands, graffiti and touristic shops. Personally I enjoyed the vibes, but you should be careful! Apparently Venice Beach is not a safe neighborhood #traveltips













My go-to beach outfits this week:

White top: Ivy Revel

Blue trousers: Ivy Revel

Bikini: Twintip (via Zalando)

P.s. For those wonder: I am in fact wearing a size M bikini. Yes, I have a small waistline, but I do actually have shapes! Don’t believe me? Check my blog about lingerie photography.

In case you feel like sweating your ass off and burn some calories: try the hike in the Hollywood hills! I definitely NEEDED a picture with the Hollywood sign, which was surprisingly harder than I thought. We hiked around for 1.5 hours before we found a good spot for a picture (which we actually found while descending the hill on the other side). Nevertheless, the views were beautiful and it definitely felt very rewarding. Recommended!

My Hiking Outfit:

Sunnies: Le Specs (via Zalando)

Blouse: WatMooi (vegan webshop)

Shorts: Ivy Revel

All in all, my time in Los Angeles was a rollercoaster of surprises, fun, new experiences and interesting people. I already told myself I wanna go back as soon as possible!

Have you ever been in Los Angeles? Give me recommendations!

Lots of Love,


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