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The 4 ways I deal with Negativity

August 2, 2017

Have you ever found yourself in the position where you felt really down because someone said something mean? Have you ever been in a situation where your positivity was crushed into the ground by lack of motivation? Well, let me tell you one thing. I certainly have been in those situations. And I’m sure you have been as well. Sometimes It’s hard to stay positive whilst surrounded by negativity. So, I present you: 4 tips to deal with negative thoughts (and people). 

1. Tap into Love

If you’re on Instagram (and a lot of you probably are), you probably had comments on your pictures that you didn’t like. Obviously that’s annoying. Even if there are hundreds of nice comments and one ugly one, you’ll remember the nasty one. My tip: try to stay focused on all the good stuff people are saying to you. Read the nasty com ment and realize that they’re the one being insecure. They are doing this because they’re jealous and because they can’t control their insecurities. If a comment really bothers you, think about all your friends, family and other supporters. They love you and they’re the ones who are important. 

2. Positivity is Contagious

There are a lot of different people in this world. Sometimes you meet people that have a negative energy around them (you know what I mean?). I call these people: the whiners. They always find something negative to say. I give you an example:

Person A: So the food is good here don’t you think?

Person B: Yeah but the wine is awful and the weather is shit.

This may be a small example but I hope you get the point. Well, it’s really exhausting to be around those people. You give them energy and they TAKE it. It’s hard to deal with, but it is possible. Try to lift them up by staying positive things. Give the right example because positivity is contagious!! If you stay positive, it will have a domino effect.

3. The Law of Attraction

If the circumstances are not ideal, it’s hard to stay positive. If one annoying thing happens and you let it make you sad or annoyed, the negative energy will overflow you. The secret to not letting that happen to you is NOT rocket science. It is all about the LAW OF ATTRACTION. Let me explain: positive thoughts attract positive actions. Don’t think about what you want to achieve. Keep focused on everything that you WILL achieve. You can achieve everything you want if you have the courage to believe in yourself.

Of course, you can feel a bit down every now and then, but immediately think about WHY you are doing what you’re doing and what you’re goal is. If you don’t feel happy about your life, then CHANGE it. Even if this means you have to make radical changes. Life is too short to even do something you don’t like for one day. Do stuff you enjoy and positivity will come. Because let me tell you this: positive minds are really attractive.

4. Use a Chalkboard

Sometimes, when your goal seems really far away, it’s hard to find the motivation. I have a really good tip for lack of motivation. Buy a whiteboard. Okay, so let me explain this. Not a long time ago I had a conversation with a really good friend. We both had a lack of motivation and we were discussing ways on how to become motivated again. So he told me he bought a whiteboard… I asked him what to do with it and he explained.

For starters, write 5 goals you will achieve at the end of the year and 1 goal you will achieve in 5 years. Attach motivation photos of the goals and positive quotes that will help you stay focused on them. Make a picture of yourself of the first day (which CAN be today) and attach it to the whiteboard. Then, make a picture every month and attach it next to the one from the first day. Repeat this every month by leaving the first day photo and changing the every month photo. So you can see the change getting bigger and bigger.

You may think this is only for people who want to gain or lose weight or become more muscular but this is not true. In every photo you will see and feel the change you made inside. Everyday when you wake up, you will see your goals and all the photos and quotes attached and you’ll realize why this day will be the next great one in line for reaching your goal: why you’re doing what you’re doing. FOCUS, you can DO this!!












I hope you got motivated by this blog. Let me know if you’re buying a whiteboard today.

Lots of love,

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