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August 6, 2017

Besides modelling and blogging, I also Vlog! (as you guys probably already knew) This means I make video’s of what I do in a day and this way you can see what the life of a model really looks like. I show that it isn’t all glitter and glamour like a lot of people think. Unfortunately, my vlogs aren’t for everyone, because I speak Dutch in almost all of them. I’ve thought about switching it to English, but I decided to keep it like this. But I’m not the only model who shares her life with the world….

So I thought you guys might be interested in a few models showing behind the scenes footage of their shoots, workouts, party’s and whatever else they share of their life. These ones are definitely worth watching and their video’s are in English!

The first one I really recommend to follow is ALEXANDRIA MORGAN. A model originally from Illinois who moved to New York to model. I’ve been watching her since her first video and I love how she still films everything on her iphone even though she has a big amount of subscribers. She is really down to earth, real and raw. This is exactly what you can see on her channel. She shows that you have to look further than only looks. You can say she is a little bit of a nerd, and I love it! instagram: @alexandriatothemax

If you are curious how it is to combine modellife with mommy life (and how you are still able to have the model sizes after giving birth twice), you should definitely check out VALERIA LIPOVETSKY. She is a power woman and really inspires me. She is originally from Russia and has two adorable sons, you also see these two running around in the vlogs which makes it even more funny to watch. Besides Vlogs you can also find inspiring video’s about self love on her channel and I really admire the way she talks about several topics. Instagram: @valerialipovetsky

Meet JESSICA CLEMENTS, one of the most natural beauty’s I have ever seen. She is beautiful from both inside and out. Actually she doesn’t belong in this “Models who vlog’ list, because she doesn’t vlog. She makes video’s about beauty and fashion, but I thought she deserved a spot in this list. You could’ve seen her in the daily vlogs of her ex-boyfriend Erik Conover, but unfortunately they broke up last year. To be honest, I really miss her in his vlogs and I stopped watching his channel because of it. Everytime Jess uploads a video it makes me happy, even if it’s only to listen to her beautiful, calm voice. Instagram: @jessmclements

Last but definitely not least, new on Youtube, Dutch supermodel ROMEE STRIJD. Big news guys, she started vlogging only two weeks ago! Now we can all have a peak in the busy, but glamorous life of a Victoria’s Secret angel. She just uploaded her third vlog and I am very curious how long and if she will continue to keep filming. Instagram: @romeestrijd

I hope because of this list you guys forgive me for speaking Dutch in my own videos .. ;)



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Demi is a model currently travelling the world as a model. New York, Bali, London, Milan, Madrid… she has done it all. During her adventures, she will tell us everything about her best workout tips, hotspots, the life of a model and other cool stuff. You can follower her on Instagram @DemiJonk

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