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VIENNA CITY GUIDE with tips from locals

August 30, 2017

I’ve never been to Vienna for, but I always wanted to. As a former culture student I NEED to see the city of music! That’s why I got really excited when I was invited by Boutique hotel Stadthalle and the tourist office of Vienna to come and experience their beautiful city. However, WHERE TO GO?! I got in touch with a local blogger and she showed me around all these days, so get ready for some serious tips! 















My arrival in the morning was pretty perfect: I had a lovely breakfast at the garden of my hotel before going out to explore! Yes, I was very hungry lol.




























The first thing I realized when I got to Vienna was the temperature.  Who knew that Austria was THAT hot?! I melted away so me and Bianca (my sweet blogger friend) went to get vegan ice cream. So cool!


This place is very small, but loved by the locals. It is Mario Bros themed (you can even game inside!) and the pizza is seriously delicious. The secret? They make the pizza from sourdough. 


This is a more touristy location, but still worth a visit. It is located right next to a beautiful park AND a butterfly house. I KNOW RIGHT! It used to be an old glass house, it has beautiful high ceilings and palm trees growing inside. The botanical vibes are high here. 


These two hipster places are only 100m away from each other (held by the same owner) and are THE breakfast hotspots for the locals. Located in the 7th district (also known as the artsy area), there are no tourists to be found here.










Again a very chill local hotspot. Vienna has no beach? No problem! This bar is next to the river and literally created its own beach on their terrace. Perfect for drinking cocktails while watching the sunset with your feet in the sand <3


This is one of the touristy spots I’m recommending. For one simple reason: it is SO pretty! It is in the middle of the historical city center and is surrounded by astonishing architecture. Definitely not a bad place to have a coffee after a long city walk. 



This is the rooftopbar of the 25hours hotel, just on border of the city. You have great views on the old historical buildings. Also, they have cool hipster interor and great wine.


This rooftop is literally right next to the St. Peter’s Church, with its beautiful turqoise colors<3 It’s a great place for drinks and sunsets in the summer!










This is a touristic monument located in the garden of Schönbrunn Palace. It doesn’t only look like a temple of the gods from a distance, once you walk up there, you have amazing views over the palace and the city.












A.k.a. The Sisi Palace! I went super early to this place to avoid hords of tourists and it was an amazing experience: the architecture, the baroque gardens and the views. Fun fact: did you know that princess Sisi even got her own Zoo right next to her gardens?














These 2 houses are a bit out of the centre, but still walkable. I just HAD to see this! A completely different sight than the rest of Vienna and very fun to look at.
















From all the parks/ gardens that I saw in Vienna, this was definitely my favorite one. Everything is super colorful with thousands of flowers, it’s not too touristy and it’s perfect for a relaxing walk. Fun fact: in the night there is also a club that opens up at Volksgarten, which is the #1 party place for locals!


There are too many beautiful buildings to all call by their name. So what you should do is just literally spend 1 or 2 full days wandering around the historical city center and you will see all of them! Here are some of my favorites:


Another beautiful palace right next to the city centre. The inside is a museum and did you know that the famous painting from Gustav Klimt ‘The Kiss‘ is located here?!



When I asked Bianca where I should go shopping for better summer outfits, this is the first place she recommended to me. It’s a very long street with dozens of shops. From local designers to the typical shops such as Zara and Mango.


Since my hotel was located in the 7th district, Bianca also showed me around here. The 7th district is known as the ‘artsy’ area, so this is the place where you will find all the young designers, conceptstores and vintage shops!


This is THE most popular vintage shop of Vienna. The place where all the bloggers go for their best looks AND have some amazing lunch while they’re at it. Yes, they also have a little restaurant too, in case you shopped too hard and need a rest. Can this place be any more perfect?? #hipstersunite


























BOOM! A full on city guide with everything you need to know in Vienna. It’s that kind of city where it doens’t matter where you are walking, beautiful buildings are everywhere. Need any other tips? Let me know and I will write them in another blog!

Lots of Love,


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