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Interview with Ladyboss Juliette ten Ouden – Master Make-up Artist

September 20, 2017

For those who don’t know Julliette den Ouden yet, let me introduce her: besides winning several make-up awards, coiffure awards (her current position is #6 of the world) and doing the make-up for brands/ names such as Versace, George Clooney, Wesley Snipes, Silvester Stalone, Harpers Bazaar and Cosmopolitan, she is also the one who creates make-up trends and campaigns for Makeup Studio. If that’s not enough yet, she does the worldwide campaings for Carmen, Varouk and L’Anza AND she creates her own trainingprograms for Schwarzkopf and several other make-up schools accross the country… besides owning her own make-up school. Of course. Is there ANYTHING this woman can’t do?! Time to ask her some questions! 

1. What do you like most about your work?

Coaching people and making beautiful things, that’s all I need.

2. What is your favorite experience so far?

I was in Capetown for a photoshoot where we worked with elephants, that was amazing! Another great shoot was working in the dessert with a hawk.

3. What is the best kind of compliment you could receive?

It’s always great to hear that people think I’m inspiring. I came a long way (since 2001) and I worked very hard for everything that I achieved, so it’s great to know that other people take strength out of that as well.

4. Who do you look up to?

No one, I’m really focused on myself and I don’t want to compare myself to others. I want to focus on what I want to achieve, not on who I want to be.

5. How do you balance your career with your personal life? 

Ehh… I don’t haha. I don’t have a social life because I’m always working. That’s okay though, because it is what I love to do. I would prefer to spend a week in Bali doing photoshoots than laying on the beach doing nothing at all. Every now and then I take time for myself to drive around on my motorcycle or visit some friends.

6. What is your biggest investment so far?

I took private English classes so that I could continue to grow on an international level. Also I invested a lot in a trip to Capetown for 6 weeks where I worked a lot on my portfolio, this got me a lot of awards and nominations – joining competitions was also a great investment, for that matter.

7. What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned so far?

If you want to achieve something you shouldn’t sit around and wait for something to happen: you are in charge of your life so don’t wait for someone to help you. I always did everything on my own.

8. Why do you think you are so succesful? 

I’m very disciplined, down to earth and ‘real’. People don’t like arrogance and bragging.

9. What do you do when you feel down? 

Sometimes I get stuck too much in a certain routine, which kills my creativity. In those moments I book a vacation for a couple of weeks to Bali or Capetown. I will still do photoshoots there, but the change of air is good for me. These weeks always give me tons of inspiration to keep going strong!

10. How do you differentiate yourself from other muahs? 

When I do someone’s make-up, I really focus on getting that inner beauty out. I don’t look at just the make-up, but I also make sure that the total look is good. The make-up has to suit with not just the hair and outfit of a person, but also with their personality.


11. What are your goals this year?

I have too many! I have been investing in my own acadamy for a long time but this year I will be focusing on my career as an international muah: better clients and more high fashion.

12. Are there any new projects coming up?

Yes! I will go to India soon for a couple of photoshoots. New York is coming and a lot of cool jobs! Furthermore, I will be in a TV program with Maria Tailor, Kim Feenstra and Fred van Leer. 

Juliette den Ouden was such a humble and kind person to interview, she didn’t really like talking about herself but I’m glad that she did! I can’t wait to see her shine abroad this year. You go girl!

Lots of Love,


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