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The reason why kickboxing is the best workout for women

October 1, 2017

Hiiii there:) If you follow me on instagram you might have noticed I have a new hobby:


This sport has recently become very popular around women. Women powerrrrrr!

It’s a really good feeling walking around in a shad neighborhood knowing you can really kick someones ass if they are bothering you. As women, we’re not only cute, smart and beautiful. We are strong too!

We are strong and we can defend ourselves, we don’t need men for that. Kickboxing is a really good way to exercise. Keep on reading:)

First of all, did you know kickboxing is a really old sport? They were already doing it in the Old Kingdom of Egypt! Only men were alowed to do it though. Thank god we don’t live in the Old Egypt anymore. Kickboxing can give you so much: I gained a lot of self-esteem. Being able to defend myself, is for me the main reason I’m doing it. Besides that, it’s a dynamic work out, that makes you use almost every muscle in your body. After every training I feel exhausted, but sooo satisfied.

I recommend going to kickboxing classes to learn the techniques. I am going to a class only for women. Badass women that is. We kick each others’ asses, but we have mutual respect and thoughtfulness towards one another.

If you’re not feeling like taking it to classes, you can buy a punching bag and some gloves and start trying out some moves. Let go of frustration, it really helps. Trust me.

Who else has experience with Kickboxing or any similar sport? Share some tips!

Lots of Love,


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