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3 tips to make you feel like you’re still in summer

October 4, 2017

Sunshine, beach, a nice tan and the cutest outfits. Who else agrees that summer was too short?! My favorite season is officially over… THE season where everything is just a bit better and brighter. Let’s make the autumn bright as well! Here are 3 tips to keep up the happy summer vibes in autumn. 

Good vibes only!

In summer it’s just easier to see things ‘on the bright side’. While you’re lounging in a bikini at the beach your problems all seem so small. Try to keep this mindset! Set your mind to being positive and don’t get influenced by pessimistic people that are always complaining. No way anything or anyone is going to ruin your happy vibes! Don’t forget: happiness is a choice.



The ultimate summer playlist

During your vaction you hear new numbers all the time. Try to collect them into an ultimate summer playlist and listen to them on rainy days to pretend you are sipping cocktails in the bahamas. P.s. The spotify playlist that is currently  ‘on repeat’ on my phone is US Latin Top 50. SOOOO GOOD!

Get out of that routine

As soon as we come home from vacation, we immediately fall back into our daily routines. Unfortunately, we can’t escape school and work, after which we go to workout, eat and/or netflix our favorite series. Try to break through this pattern! Spend some time outside of your home, go out to dinner, make a walk in the park, meet up for drinks with friends. Keep your life fun and spontaneous!

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P.p.s Photography credtis to Daniel Wolters!


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