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This is how to make yourself feel beautiful

October 11, 2017

We all have had one of those days: your hair isn’t doing what you want and your skin decided to become sensitive overnight. Yes, an off-day sucks. But you can still feel beautiful in those days! Here are 5 tips, keep reading!

1. Make a list!

This might sound lame, but make a list with the things you like about yourself. Maybe you have beautiful big blue eyes, a gorgeous smile or a cute nose. If you can’t come up with anything: ask family and friends and you’d be surprised about what they have to say. If you have an ‘ughh’ day, just keep this list in mind.

3. Do fun stuff

On our off-days, all we want to do is hide in our fluffy pajamas and stay in bed. Don’t! Work your most fashionable outfit and go out with friends, this way you beat your insecurity and have an amazing day while doing so! And even better: your friend will be there to make you feel better with compliments, that’s what friends are for <3

3. Beauty comes from within

Everyone has their own qualities, inside AND out. That’s something very important to help you realise that looks aren’t everything. Cliché but true: beauty comes from within. Think about what makes you a beautiful person, and you will shine brighter on the outside.

4. Wear something special

From a  beautiful lingerie set to a pair of funny socks. Wear something for YOU. Give yourself the attention you deserve and you will feel instantly more special and beautiful.

5. Fake it, till you make it

Everyone loves to feel confident, but it’s not as easy as it seems. Sometimse the solution is very easy: fake it! By pretending you’re confident and that you’re feeling great, you actually trick your brains into believing it. It might take some practice, but in some situations it really helps. Stand tall and proud, my darlings :)

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P.p.s. Photography by Daniel Wolters

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