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The importance of losing weight properly

October 15, 2017

Holaaa everyone! Losing weight properly is really important. Today I wanted to share my history with food, and how I began to feel good in my body. Since I’ve become a model, people have told me to be careful what to eat, and to stay in shape in order to get jobs. Naturally, as a young girl, this is what I thought: I’m too big; my hips are too wide, my ass is too big and my legs are too muscular. 

Each job has requirements

But let me put this clear: THEY never said I was too big. They only said: hey, for this industry, it’s important you fit in the clothes, that you look healthy, happy and fit. Compare it to someone working in the stock market saying to a newby: hey, for this industry, it’s important you are persuasive, and you can convince people with your extreme good social skills. Or someone working in the music industry saying to a singer: hey, for this industry, it’s important to go to parties to socialize, but don’t drink a lot and don’t go out every week since you have to be careful with your voice, practice singing everyday, and try to learn piano as well. I just want to state the fact that every job has its requirements. 

Losing weight, dieting

But of course, as probably every beginning model in this industry, I wanted to lose weight. As soon as possible I wanted to have the measurements required to do jobs and travel the world. So i started dieting. From eating a lot of eggs, yoghurt and vegetables, to drinking shakes for a few days, to eating every bad food ever made but still be at 2000 calories so I’d still lose weight.

I’ve never starved myself, I ate a lot, but I still tried tons of (protein) diets. Of course I lost weight, because I burned more than I ate. But, could I keep it up? no! Of course not! Because every diet ends. I lost weight, but i gained weight as soon as I started eating “normal” again. Anyone hears something familiar;) ?

My secret. 

So what is my secret now to have this body?

Let me tell you the secret of my diet:  I am not on a diet. 

I eat everything I want, when i want.

Rebels inside

When I started dieting I told me self I couldn’t eat pasta anymore because it had so many carbs. I didn’t even like pasta that much before I was a model, but when I ‘was not allowed’ eat it anymore I started craving it. Which is weird, since I didn’t liked it that much before. but it’s because you ‘may not’ eat it, you want to have it. Imagine saying to a toddler; you may not go upstairs. What will the toddler do? You guessed it… he will try to walk up the stairs. They want to be a rebel. It’s in our nature that we are attracted to the things we aren’t allowed to have. 


Then there was this moment in my life when I decided: I can have everything I want, when I want. And at first those were things like: fries, burgers, pasta and pizza, because i wasn’t ‘allowed’ to eat it for a while. But soon i felt really bad in my skin. I didn’t feel healthy. I started realizing, that the food we put in our mouth is the main reason how you feel (and look). So I bought books which were full of information about what people define as “healthy” and why. What are the reasons that make vegetables a healthy product? What are the pros and cons of every food. I needed to know all of this in order to know what to eat, but also how much I should eat of it. I started to making lists like: Which products are healthy? What of those healthy things do I really enjoy eating? But also lists like: What do I really like what isn’t that healthy, and what amount should I take from it in order to feel satisfied, but it would still be healthy to me. I also started to make a list of things that my body had a weird reaction to. Like stomach pain, nausea or heart rythm disorders. Which resulted in me going vegan because of the hormons in animal products. I feel SO much better without ‘em.

My favorite things to eat

Since it takes a lot of time looking everything up about food, I will give you my absolute favorite things to eat. Which are really (semi) healthy.

  1. Nuts. I eat a lot, like A LOT of them. They have a bunch of calories, but please stop looking at calories. They’re just numbers. If you eat healthy you shouldn’t worry about them at all.
  2. Pumpkin. I can not tell you how in love I am with pumpkin. I put 400 grams in the oven covered in olive oil with curry powder and salt and every bite makes me so happy. (Jeske if you read this, if we marry, our love for pumpkin should be in our vows)
  3. Spinach. I love to put this raw in my smoothie with: pineapple, blueberries, avocado, cucumber, and coconut water. But also to wok it in (plant based) butter, with some ketjap sauce and sesame seeds for diner. Also: try covering it in olive oil, salt and pepper, and putting it piece by piece in the oven. This is how you create spinach crisps. yummmm
  4. Olives. Especially the ones with loadssss of garlic.
  5. Nakd bars, Nut Bars by zonatura. I always carry them in my bag wherever I go.
  6. Dark chocolate, oreo cookies. When i’m about to have my period I can probably eat half a bar. And oreo cookies are for whenever haha.
  7. Corn waffles. Yes please!!! With peanutbutter and jelly, or just with nothing. I could eat them all day.
  8. Soy cappuccino. I don’t like to eat in the morning, (don’t tell me that’s bad, because I eat a shitload of vegetables during lunch to compensate) so normally I just have breakfast with a soy cappuccino.
  9. Dried figs and dates. You can seriously wake me up in the middle of the night if you feed me this. Always carrying this with me in my bag as well.
  10. French fries, especially after a night out…… and without mayonaise, they’re not that unhealthy ;)

I hope I convinced you to NEVER ever begin a diet. 

Just have a healthy or semi healthy lifestyle, and you will get the body you want.

    Anyone has some tips about really nice tasty but healthy food? Please feel free to share:)

Lots of love,

Lonneke <3

ps. If you liked this post, make sure you also check out: me going vegan.





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