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Most inspirational TED talks at the moment

November 12, 2017

Hi lovelies! 

My week has been exhausting, but sooo much fun! I’m working in Hamburg at the moment and I fell in love with what everything that it has to offer. You can imagine I’m spending my free time exploring the city, visiting art expositions and going to concerts. But when I’m not doing all these things I like to spend my time watching TED talks. Have you heard of them?

TED is a nonprofit organization devoted to spreading ideas, usually in the form of short, powerful talks. They’re approximately 15 minutes long so you can perfectly fit them into your daily schedule. They welcome people from every discipline and culture who seek a deeper understanding of the world. Well, I’m that kind of person haha. Always seeking a way to understand the world a little bit better day by day.

I’ve always been interested in listening to different views of the same topic. I’m a very vigorous person and one of the reasons that I am is because I find it necessary to know why people say things: what is their background, what are their beliefs etcetera, in order to become a whole person and act like one. Understanding why people think a certain way makes my mind grow in a way that I find really satisfying (and necessary, because when there is understanding, one can live in harmony!!!!).

The TED talks I find most inspirational at the moment:

 1. How to speak so that people want to listen. By: Julian Treasure.

This talk is about what people do in a conversation what makes other people don’t want to listen to them any longer. Some may only do one or two things, others do all seven of them. Avoiding doing these things while conversating will result in people actually listening to you and what you have to say. Be aware of how you act in a conversation and you can really empower your speech and spread your thoughts. So is there a list of things that could guide us to ensure having a good conversation? Yes there is. And Julian Treasure will tell you all about it:

2. How we can end sexual harassment at work. By: Gretchen Carlson.

Since the #metoo campaign, everyone is talking about this issue. Which I think should’ve been talked about a lot earlier.

In the modeling industry, as well as in any other industry, women have to deal with any form of sexual harassment. As far as modeling concerned: “Can you please take of your shirt, the picture will be better” and “Let me adjust your underwear, it’s not in the right place” are just some of the experiences my model friends had when they were on set. These sentences may seem innocent to some of you. But a photographer touching a girl in a way that is inappropriate while *fixing clothes*, or asking a girl to take of her shirt is just a way of the photographer taking advantage of the fact she’s too young and insecure to say no is in my opinion sexual harassment. I have been in situations where I thought: this is not right. In these situations I say: no I’ll adjust it myself. And if they don’t listen I will leave. I am someone who can stand up for myself, but there are a lot of young models out there who can not. And I feel the need to protect them. But how?

Gretchen Carlson describes, in a very inspirational way, how we can end it. Spread the word, so every woman in every industry knows how to empower herself. 

3. How artists can (finally) get paid in the digital age. By: Jack Conte

How do all these artists that put their videos and ideas on the internet make money on that? This is a question that has been in my mind for a while. The answer is: most of them don’t even make the money they deserve.. The traditional ways we’ve turned art into money (like record sales) are not working anymore. We live in the digital age right now. Musicians, writers, artists: they’re posting their art on the internet. Which is a total logical step to make since the internet is the way of reaching loads of people all over the world without investing money you don’t have. But the same musicians, writers and artists are complaining about not making money out of it. But think about this: instead of telling people not to put their art on the internet anymore cause it’s “crushing the industry”, we should find a way to make it work. With Patreon, Conte has created a way for artists on the internet to get paid by their fans. Could payment platforms like this change what it means to be an artist in the digital age? 

Do you have a favorite TED talk? I would love to hear it:)

Lots of love,


ps. Did you like this post? make sure to also check Lynns view about the #metoo campaign

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