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DO I LOOK LIKE MYSELF?! | Posing without make-up

November 15, 2017

I’m not sure exactly why, but I always get to hear from people that I don’t look like myself? I honestly think it’s because when I’m in a photoshoot, I’m in hair- and make-up for 2 hours and then there’s amazing lights and 1000’s pictures and after the shooting is over… Photoshop💄📸

This kinda makes me upset because I can’t help but think…. So in ‘real life’ you don’t think I’m beautiful…? Okay, I am SURE these people don’t say it to be mean, they are just honestly suprised. My photoshopped pictures create such a perfect image of me which I will never be able to live up to, and WHY?! Why do we even do this to ourselves? Torture ourselves with insecurity and unrealistic images, what’s the point?

Sometimes I’m still struggling with accepting myself, but more and more I am starting to appreciate my own, real, natural beauty – which most definitely isn’t perfect and I totally have flaws. However, I prefer the term ~unique ~👸👑

Who else read that article that people are starting to look more and more the same because everyone is getting plastic surgery done to suit the beauty ideals of our time? What happened with being a unique, individual being? If you ask me… that’s where true beauty lies❤️

So here it is, in collaboration with @naifcare I made a picture: no make-up, no-nonsense. Literally NAKED. Now when you spot me in public, let me know if I look like myself, okay? ;) P.s. Most likely I’ll be wearing glasses, so don’t let that confuse you lol.

Okay so this is seriously the only picture I could find of myself wearing glasses! Usually I automatically take them off because I don’t like how the light reflects in them while taking a picture.

Lots of Love,


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