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Looking back on 2017: did I reach all my goals?

December 27, 2017

How did the time fly so fast? 2017 was like a whirlwind to me. The year began strong with traveling to amazing places such as LA and with the start of June I faced an intense new challenge with a job at Sanoma and I was struggling to keep everything together. I don’t believe I’ve ever learned so much things in one single year though, so it was totally worth it! It’s funny to read back old blogs and to see what I was thinking back then. Today I would like to go through an old blog where I talk about my goals for 2017, did I achieve them? Let’s find out! 

1. Finish my book: In 2016 I’ve been sporadically thinking about some ideas for a book, but now it’s really going to happen! I’ll set up a monthly planning to assure my progress, stay tuned :)

End of 2017 note: yeah… that book never happened. I purposely chose to not write it yet though. I decided that I first want to focus on growing my career before I start writing a book. So maybe it will happen in a couple of years!

2. Score a contract at a creative agency: I’m looking forward to the next step: getting a job where I can put my creativity into use. New year, new challenges, am I right?

End of 2017 note: I did it! after 5 months I scored my very first office job at Sanoma as an influencer marketeer. I think it’s one of the biggest challenges I have had so far. Working as a freelancer and starting your own company is definitely a huge challenge as well, but as soon as you have to follow someone elses’ rules there is so many other things that you have to think about. On one side I loved to learn many new things, which also improved my work at my own company, on the other side it definitely was a struggle for me to get used to ‘the office life’ since I was always so flexible before. Nevertheless, I am very happy that I am working there still and will continue to do so in 2018! 

3. Find contributer(s) for Who is that Blonde: Since I want to focus more on brand collabs and a job this year, it would be great to have someone help out with the content on my blog. Make sure to let me know if you know someone!

End of 2017 note: check! I scored 2 lovely ladies who have been writing for Who is that Blonde this year. Demi already got started in february and Lonneke joined the Blonde Squad later on in June. More cool girls are always welcome though, so hit me up if you are up for a challenge :) 













4. Increase my web visitors & social stats: In 2016 I’ve been growing continuously, the plan is to simply keep doing that. Step by step.

End of 2017 note: half check! My social stats have been growing steadily all year but I decided to move my focus from the blog to my upcoming YouTube channel because I love to watch videos so it would be cool if I could make them myself as well :) Don’t worry, I will still be posting here, just a bit less regular, so just the most important blogs will be shared.

5. Find a better balance between work and personal time: Workaholic? Guilty. What can I say, when you love what you do, it’s hard to stop sometimes. So for 2017 I will focus on some ‘me’ time: meeting with friends, read a book, spend more time with family, and so on.

End of 2017 note: HAHAHA personal time? What’s that lol? Ever since I got my job at Sanoma I was struggling with doing my job as good as I could but still work on growing my own company as well. It were some really intense months but I don’t regret them for a second :) I did spend quite some time with my family this year and I tried to meet up with friends at least once a month, so I guess I can say that I was working on my personal life. 

6. Design a product in collaboration with a brand: Wouldn’t that be just the coolest thing ever? I would like to design an item for a brand that I admire because #whynot.

End of 2017 note: right now there aren’t any ‘designed by me’ products on the market, but that’s only because usually you have to design a couple of seasons ahead! I can’t say too much yet but you can expect 2 really cool brand collabs in 2018 hihi <3

That’s it! I have to say I’m pretty proud of how well I achieved my goals, which makes me even more motivated to set up 5 new goals for 2018! 

Did you achieve your goals this year? Let me know!

Lots of Love,


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