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January 3, 2018

I know I know, I’ve been talking about it for a long time already. With my busy schedule setting this up took much longer than expected and to be honest, I still feel like I have a lot to learn, but I figured: new year, fresh start. So this is happening, NOW!

You must be wondering what the hell I’m talking about. Or maybe you already figured it out. TODAY is THE day that I am launching my fresh new YouTube channel! I’ve been working on creating videos, practicing my editing skills and learning everything about YouTube in the past few months (which is also the reason why I wasn’t very active on my blog in December)  and now it’s finally time to share it with the world.

I really enjoy writing, but I also really enjoy watching videos, so I decided that for 2018 my new challenge is going to be YouTube. Because if I enjoy watching videos, it would be SO cool to be able to make them! It would be great to look back at them and remember all the fun things I’ve been doing.

So you must wonder: what is my YouTube Channel going to be about? Since I always like to try new things, broaden my horizon and take on challenges, this channel will be all about that. Every single week (Wednesdays at 8am, which means my first video is already online AS WE SPEAK)  I will be posting 1 video where I will be trying something new or something weird. Like the New Years Dive that is coming online next week or maybe even goat yoga? Anything is possible! 

I will be taking suggestions from my viewers, so if you have a good idea make sure to go to my YouTube channel and leave your comment!

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Lynn likes writing, food (lots of it) and cuddling cute doggies on the street. tells the story of her life as a travelling fashion journalist and model, including all inevitable adventures that come with it.

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