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Shop my Look! Marktplaats Goudmijn Collectie

December 4, 2016

Last week the Marktplaats Goudmijn Collectie Event happened, and it was so much fun! 51 bloggers were rocking the runway with their vintage looks which are currently up for sale (till the 7th of December) right here.

My outfit got quite some compliments throughout the evening, which almost makes me regret putting it up for sale haha. But in case you are looking for a great holiday outfit you should definitely check it out! Continue Reading

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Vintage Fashion Show Tickets in Amsterdam + Meet & Greet!

November 16, 2016

Save the date: the 29th of November I will be participating in a vintage fashion show in collaboration with Marktplaats in Amsterdam. More than 40 fashion -and lifestylebloggers will be showing their ‘creative chic’ outfit, which will be up for sale afterwards! In case you would like to check out all of our styles – and do some vintage shopping while you’re at it – make sure to come over.

Why is this fun? Because women should spend more time recycling their closet: it doesn’t only keep it  more organized, with the money you earn from small sales you can buy new (and better) outfits. Go sustainable fashion!

I am super excited that I was invited to join this event, and I can take 3 of you guys! Marktplaats lets me give away 3 VIP Tickets + a Meet and Greet, so make sure to leave a comment on my blog or my Instagram to get a chance of winning! Let me know why you want to come and the 22nd of November I will announce the winners :)

Location: Vondelkerk Amsterdam, Vondelstraat 120A

Time: 29th of November 17.30

See you there!

Lots of Love,


Beauty Guru

The Science behind Skincare: SkinCeuticals Event & Review

October 19, 2016

To be honest, I wouldn’t call myself a ‘beauty guru‘. After all, I’m so used to make-up artists doing the work – and the fact that I barely wear make-up in my free time –  that I never really bothered to really get into the whole hair and make-up thing. However, when it comes to skincare I sure as hell do my research. Especially because I got such a sensitive skin after becoming a full time model (read more about it here). Anyways, that being said, let’s get to the main topic of this blog: last week me and some other bloggers got invited by SkinCeuticals to visit them and to learn more about the scientific story behind skincare. Am I very nerdy for getting excited about that? #maybe #sorrynotsorry


Did you know that: 

  • There is this thing called ‘oxidative damage‘, which arises when the skin is exposed to (for example) UV, Infrared, pollution, smoking and/or stress?
  • This oxidative damage can destabilize molecules, which damages healthy skin tissue? That is the reason why we get spots, wrinkles and pigmentation!
  • Our skin naturally has antioxidants to neutralize the oxidative damage. But because nowadays there are much more damaging elements (more pollution/ stress/ smoking etc.) it is not enough anymore?
  •  One of the most studied antioxidants is Vitamin C?
  • In 1989 Dr. Sheldon R. Pinnell found a way stabilize Vitamin C, which has been a breakthrough for the skincare we know nowadays?

Skincare Review

I certainly learned a lot during my visit to the SkinCeuticals event! It feels great to understand better why our skin changes, but also how to work on improving my skin from now on. The products of SkinCeuticals are based on antioxidants in order to strengthen the skin’s natural protection towards oxidative damage. I was very excited to hear that they will give us a small goodiebag so we can try out the products – and see if we notice a change in comparison with other skincare products.


When I’m unpacking the goodies I am happy to see that the instructions couldn’t be easier. SkinCeuticals has a very clear philosophy on how to support skin-health: Prevent – Correct – Protect. Let’s go through the details of each product quickly:

Prevent: with a high concentrate of Vitamin C SkinCeuticals wants to prevent the oxidative damaging of the skin. They gave me Phloretin CF Serum, which supposedly works better for the mixed-to-greasy skin type.

Correct: a re-texturing activator makes sure that your healthiest skin is on the top layer, which not only makes your skin more resistant, but also gives it a nice and healthy glow. This product also corrects existing skin problems such as pigmentation, redness, wrinkles, and so on.

Protect: the Ultra Facial Defense day cream has a SPF50+ factor, which protects the skin from UVA and UVB rays.


While enjoying a sunny Sunday morning in Generator Amsterdam I decided to go for the full-on Spa feeling with a nice hot shower and, skin cleanse (you need a clean skin before applying the products) and as a fun factor: white towels in my hair and around my body, just like in the movies. I am sorry for the not so charming pictures, but no-make up was allowed during the beauty process! But hey, we’ve all been there right?

The first impression: The products were easy to apply. The Ploretin CF Serum smells a bit weird – indeed more like something medical rather than the usual scented beauty products. I really do think that these products might actually be able to improve my skin-condition: in all my years as a professional model this is actually the first brand that has that much medical research behind its products, so they must know what they are talking about… right? If I don’t put any  make-up on in the hours after the application my skin stays quite shiny, which shows that it keeps hydrating my skin pretty much all day long, that’s a plus!


One week later: I have been using the products of SkinCeuticals each morning and night now, just as they recommend. My skin is much more hydrated than it was one week ago – I don’t have any dry spots. Also some of the blemishes I had seem to recover more quickly than usual. However, since it is just one week it is hard for me to know exactly how well the products are working. I am supposed to get my period next week, which usually means that I get a lot of little bumps on my skin, which grow into spots. Now I also have some, but it doesn’t seem to be that bad. The re-texturing activator feels rather oily and I’ve been wondering if this will result in clogged pores – but so far so good!

I will keep trying the products of SkinCeuticals for the next 3 months and I will get back at you guys for my final judgement! Is anyone else familiar with this brand? What is your opinion? Let me know!

Lots of Love, 


Life & Travel

A Photo Recap of My Summer

August 29, 2016

Wait… is it the end of August already? What happened to summer? Am I the only one thinking this? I guess the saying ‘Time Flies when you are having  Fun’ couldn’t be more true. Now that I think about it…. what did I actually do this summer? Thank god for Instagram! Let’s check out my latest posts to see what I have been up to this summer. Continue Reading

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1 Week Out of my Life: A Photo Diary

May 25, 2016

Hi there!

Don’t you wonder sometimes… what do models and/or bloggers actually REALLY do?? Many people ask me what a ´normal´ workday looks like for me, which I always find hard to answer because there is so much variety! This week you will be able to tag along with me with this Photo Diary to see what I do on a daily basis: get ready because I’ve had a crazy week! One spoiler: It involves 2 countries and 8 cities Continue Reading

#OOTD The Styling Files

#OOTD: Getting Sporty with Hunkemöller

January 25, 2016

Hey guys!

Last week I visited the organization Model Workout in Amsterdam while I was there for the fashion week, and I got a personal training session from their coach Paultje Column! I will be sharing everything that I learned very soon… but let’s start at the beginning: what to wear for a good workout? In this blog I will be reviewing an outfit from the New Sylvie Sport Collection of Hunkemöller, let’s check it out!

Hunkemöller & Modelworkout2













The First Impression

BOOM, let’s get started! To be honest I was kinda nervous for my training with Paultje (I heard that he loves to kick ass), but after putting on my poweroutfit I already felt a bit better… at least I would look kinda cute while biting the dust. The materials are supercomfy and I love the color combination: cute pink meets strong black. And not to miss: the subtle leopard print in the pants adds an extra fun factor, love it! 


My Experience

Anway, you must be wondering… was I comfortable while working out? Actually I felt great! The Pants fitted like a second skin and I could follow all the movements without any problems. A small detail that I really appreciate is the little pocket in the back where I can keep some essentials, you never know when you might need them!

Usually I prefer to wear a croptop during workout because I overheat otherwise, but it seems like Hunkemöller was prepared for this problem: the Shirt has little holes in the section of the shoulders to let the fresh air flow, simple but effective! The shirt has a loose fit so it’s easy to move around and feel comfy.

I was wondering if the Sport Bra would support enough during the workout… I mean, it’s beautiful and I love the little push-up effect… but will it be strong enough to hold my 70C cup? It turned out my worries were not necessary at all: the double straps kept everything thightly in place! I know that the S in the front of the bra is for Sylvie, but I prefer to think it’s for Superwoman. How awesome would that be, am I right?!

Hunkemöller & Modelworkout1

So there you go Hunkemöller, I absolutely adore your Sylvie Sport Collection! Thanks for making workout a little bit more fun :)

Lots of Love,


P.s. Thanks for helping me out with making pictures Stef Hartog! And thanks for letting me do the retouching, I certainly need the practice haha

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Who is that Blonde On Tour!

January 16, 2016

Hey there guys!

I’ve been preparing all month for what will be coming for the next three weeks: I will be going on tour to the Fashion weeks in Amsterdam, Paris and Barcelona! While you are reading this blogpost I am most likely in an airplane on my way to the Netherlands with a huge suitcase full of beautiful outfits. Don’t worry, I will be sharing all of them so you will get an overload of fashion inspiration!

Anyways, the reason I’m writing this blog is since this is my opportunity to actually meet some of you guys since I will be travelling around! I will write down all the dates, send me a message if you would like to meet me!

Amsterdam 16-19 January

Paris: 23-29 January

Barcelona: 1-5 February

I would love to hear what you guys will be up to these dates! See you soon maybe?

Lots of Love,


Get inspired!

Arty Farty Friday: Legends Art Exposition

December 4, 2015

What happens when the #1 Celebrity Photographer of the Netherlands teams up with one of our best artists? It happened! And I was there to witness the result in the Hard Rock Café of Amsterdam! In fact, I was invited for the VIP revelation as the muse of Toshy, the artist. Earlier that month we worked together on the projects ‘Seduce Me’ & ‘Love Now!’, and it was an amazing experience so I had to be at The Opening to show my support!

Toshy Art Adele

The evening was packed with interviews, networking and of course… beautiful artworks! It was an amazing experience to be able to get so close to the paintings and admire the extensive details which Toshy created. Maarten Waalraven (a.k.a. Toshy) is known for taking photos and transform them into art pieces with his unique painting technique which reminds us of street art and graffiti. For this special occasion William Rutten gave Maarten a selection of thirteen portraits of celebrities:

Robbie Williams, Prince, Rihanna, George Michael, Paul McCartney, Kurt Cobain, Adele, Bono, P!nk, Madonna, David Bowie, Mick Jagger & last but not least our own Dutch pride Marco Borsato.

Robbie Williams

I asked William why he chose for these specific celebrities. He answered that he had asked his followers on Facebook about their thoughts but that most of the answers were a little bit cliché. He decided to make a mix between old & new legends, then and now. He chose for celebrities which impressed him, which he admired for staying down to earth, and who he had a good connection with during the shoot. Who he still wants to get in front of his camera? Barrack Obama is #1 on the list.

Bono Prince

It is fascinating to see how Maarten used his painting technique to personalize the portraits by writing texts which are related to the artist. About their work, their life, their thoughts and their image. In my interview with him he explains that he tries to oppose stereotypes with his art: he tries to show the other side of the story, the person behind the public image.

Paul McCartney

Furthermore, Maarten explains how his artistic style has developed throughout the years and how everything started in the 80’s: Graffiti was no longer seen as a nuisance but as a talent and was rightly recognized by the media. Maarten started experimenting with combining street art and his creative studies, which resulted in a new style of art which he defined by the end of 2012: he combined his graffiti skills with personal background, typography and photography. How great is that?! I can’t wait to see the artworks he will make from the project I collaborated on with him!

madonna-toshy Mick

Currently the Legends Exposition can be found in Ruchpen and will start its tour at the beginning of the new year, something we can all be looking forward to!

Kurt cobainRihanna