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    #Bloggerlife: 10 Things all Bloggers have Experienced

    June 12, 2016

    I dare you to tell me it’s not true! #bloggerlife

    1. Begging your boyfriend to take a picture of your outfit #instagramhusband

    2. Your non-blogger friends go crazy with the amount of pictures you want to make of your coffee/lunch/dinner while you are hanging out.


    3. Taking so long to make pictures of your food/drinks that it’s already cold when you are ready to dive in #thestruggleisreal

    4. Stressing about your outfit for hours to create a ‘casual look’#bloggerlife

    5. Not wanting to post a picture of that outfit because the colors don’t match your Instagram feed

    6. Glamorous life? Spending most of your time answering mails and messages I would say!


    7. Being in love with an outfit, but not being able to wear it to another event because you already posted a picture of it last week.


    8. Walking around the city is a complete new experience: you see photoshoot spots everywhere!


    9. Regretting the fact that you can’t multiply yourself #FOMO #events #noughsaid

    10. We start thinking in #hasthags #instagramaddict #truestory


    Did I miss something? What did you expect from the life of a blogger? Let me know in the comments!