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Column #1: Humblebragging for Charity? Please do.

October 23, 2016

I’m sure you’ve heard it before – or you even said it yourself: “Don’t you just hate it when people are bragging about doing charitable things?“. I had a discussion about this very topic a week ago and it got me thinking. Why is it such a bad thing that people like to talk about the charitable things they did? Personally I am a big believer in Karma and I honestly enjoy charitable activities every now and then, but currently I would be terrified to talk about it because I would instantly be stigmatized as a #humblebragger. Are you guys seriously telling me that it is more than fine to read about corrupt politics, terrorism, abuse and even superficial gossip, than to spread a positive word about trying to making a change in this world? Not having it. Continue Reading

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My Face on a Painting?

August 12, 2016

Even though we are so used to seeing our faces in pictures, it is still weird to see yourself on a painting. Is it because of the artistic interpretation? The fact that you know it probably took hours to create? The skills of the artist? I don’t know, maybe it’s a combination of everything. What I do know that it definitely felt weird (but cool!) to see myself in 5 paintings from the artist Toshy. Continue Reading

Get inspired! Life & Travel

Christmas Feels: How to spread good Karma

December 16, 2015

Hey there guys!

Christmas time is coming around again. The time of family, presents, happiness, love and sharing. I am one of the lucky girls who has a great family, amazing friends, and a lovely boyfriend, honestly I have nothing to complain about and I definitely realize that! However, I also do realize that there are many people and animals that are not as fortunate as I am… and as a true believer of Karma I want to share a bit of my own love and fortune with others in order to spread a little sparkle around the world. There are so many ways you can make a change, big or small! In this blogpost I am sharing some of my own ideas to make the world a bit brighter, take a look at it and maybe you will like some of them :)

1. Send your Christmas Cards with

(For the Dutchies) It’s about time to send those Christmas cards to your loved ones to wish them happy holidays! Personalize your very own Christmas card on and send them from your comfy couch: If you order them before 4PM the cards will be delivered the day after and the prizes start from €1,39. The money you spend on the cards is a 100% Gift to the Dierenbescherming (Animal Rights organization) so you will also help some cuties get through the cold winter nights! Win-win am I right?

Christmas Feels1

2. Fashion for Charity

Okay guys… this is literally BRILLIANT! On the website you can either donate your old clothes, OR shop vintage designs from other donators. The Fashion Project works together with several charities where the shop money will go to… everyone happy! Forbes Magazine did an interesting interview with the founders and their concept, worth a read as well!

Christmas Feels 2

3. Adopt a Cat (on Distance) from Rome

Everyone knows that person who loves animals but isn’t able to take care of one at the moment… myself included! Why don’t you adopt a cat on distance in their name as a Christmas present? Some years ago I was in Rome and visited Torre Argentina: the Roman Cat Sanctuary, they take great care of the cats and you can go there for hours to cuddle with as many cats as you like… such an amazing experience! Also a good reason to make a city trip to Rome to visit your cat… ;)

Christmas Feels

4. Give someone the World

Last year this was in fact my Saint Jordi present to my boyfriend (a Spanish tradition where the lady has to buy a book for her man, and gets a rose in return). Since he has more than enough books I decided to take a creative turn and buy him… an acre of the rainforest! That’s where all the paper comes from anyway right? The money is used to protect an actual specific spot in the rainforest and you receive an official “certificate of appreciation”, isn’t that lovely?!

Christmas Feels

5. Keep it Local

Great, you are helping the world around you, but you still see enough poverty around you… helping your locals is great to bring a smile on someone’s face! When I was on vacation in Greece I constantly carried around a little bag with dog treats to feed the hungry street dogs. If you are more the humanitarian type, get spontaneous one day and invite a homeless person for a lunch in the McDonalds (Note: not the scary type though, choose smart haha). Here in Barcelona there are many homeless people so I might actually try that one day… should definitely be interesting! It’s just something small, and I’m not sure if it actually helps at all, but I like to believe that it makes someone’s day and they will pass on the good karma as well.

Christmas Feels 3

So get out there you guys, spread your good karma and make someone smile for the holidays!

Lots and lots and LOTS of Love