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Column #4: Getting Older?!

March 12, 2017

I don’t know about you guys, but sometimes I metaphorically look at myself and I’m like.. “wow, I am actually getting older. It’s really happening!”. Like… I already knew it would happen. But how confronting is it when you really start noticing it?? When the bags under my eyes start to become permanent, or when I prefer to stay home in my pajamas all weekend instead of going out to party, or having the WORST hangovers EVER when you decide to suck it up and go to party anyway.  Continue Reading

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Column #2: “How I Learned to Love My Body”

December 28, 2016

You might be reading the title of this blog and think to yourself: “Easy for you to talk, your body is amazing, of course you love it!”. But there is more than meets the eye. Any model will agree with me: while going to an endless amount of castings we all developed serious self esteem issues at some point.

There is always something wrong with us: too short, too tall, too fat, too skinny, too young, too old… one time I even got send out of a casting because the instep of my foot was too high… not joking. I most definitely have some very insecure years behind me, but since last year I finally learned how to embrace myself for how I am.photoshop-collage2

What’s “wrong” with me you might wonder? The length of my legs is out of proportion compared to my upper body and they are also the problem zone where my fat goes if I eat too much unhealthy food… perfect combination don’t you think? As a model, I was always too short (2cm to be exact) and my ass was too big (ironically enough, also 2cm), which the casting directors and agencies gladly reminded me of every time they saw me.photoshop-collage1

Teenage girls should never have to hear all these negative comments about their bodies. I’ve met so many girls that started to become obsessed with their bodies and even developed eating disorders, it’s disturbing. So yes, maybe I have an “amazing” body in the eyes of other people, but everyone has their own insecurities and problems! In the end, we all deal with the same question: how will I learn to love my body?photoshop-collage4

1. I realized that everyone has a specific body type and that it’s impossible to get another body type, no matter how hard you work out.

Of course, you can lose weight and tone your muscles, but always following the lines of your body type. In my Amsterdam vlog I talk about this with Model Workout coach Jeroen Krak.

2. I realized that photoshop creates an idealistic image of bodies in the media, which isn’t realistic most of the time.

I’ve seen my body photoshopped so many times that I used to get disappointed in myself when I look in the mirror. However, now I get disappointed whenever I see ads in magazines. I learned to love myself because I realized I wasn’t the one showing the wrong body image: the media are. Currently I am a big supporter of a new (hopefully upcoming) body trend: fit & healthy.photoshop-collage5

3. I realized that in the end looks are nothing compared to skills.

Sure, good looks are nice, but how far are they going to get you? Since I started my own company and developed my skills people have been treating me with much more respect than they ever did.

4. I realized that everyone has their own problems

The next time you feel insecure about your body because someone else looks “better”, remember that they have their own insecurities. It’s cliché but true: “no one is perfect”How I learned to love my body

5. I realized it’s better to be more curvy and happy than skinny and stressed

Sure, I can be super-duper skinny. If I work out 7 days a week and follow a strict diet. I realized I prefer to enjoy good food and some extra relax time, instead of working my ass off and obsessing about my weight 24/7.

Are you insecure about your body? Or do you have any other tips on embracing yourself?

Lots of Love,


P.s. Photocredits to the amazing photographer Ron de Wildt! :)

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Column #1: Humblebragging for Charity? Please do.

October 23, 2016

I’m sure you’ve heard it before – or you even said it yourself: “Don’t you just hate it when people are bragging about doing charitable things?“. I had a discussion about this very topic a week ago and it got me thinking. Why is it such a bad thing that people like to talk about the charitable things they did? Personally I am a big believer in Karma and I honestly enjoy charitable activities every now and then, but currently I would be terrified to talk about it because I would instantly be stigmatized as a #humblebragger. Are you guys seriously telling me that it is more than fine to read about corrupt politics, terrorism, abuse and even superficial gossip, than to spread a positive word about trying to making a change in this world? Not having it. Continue Reading