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Motivation Monday: My Bloopers!

October 19, 2015

Today I want to share an important message with you guys! I have been getting many admiring comments throughout the years which I think are very flattering, but also bother me in some way, so I would like to get it out of my system. I hear it all the time… people are so impressed with me apparently! I am travelling the world all on my own, I am chasing my dreams wherever they take me, I am slowly but surely building up my career, I am taking many risks and diving into the deep on a weekly basis…  and actually, I am doing pretty well for myself! Sure, all of these things are amazing and I couldn’t be happier about my life right now, but then again… literally ANYONE could chase their dreams with the right amount of dedication and determination!


You thought all of my progress comes from being flawless and fearless? I doubt myself daily, wondering if I will be good enough and whether people will like my work. Honestly, most of the time I don’t even know what I’m doing! To prove it, I put together a fun bloopers video which shows the result of my first experiments with vlogging… far from #Flawless I tell you!

My Bloopers: 

Train your Mind

Personally I am quite strict for myself when I am insecure, but perhaps my mind-training will give you guys some new ways to think about your own hauntings. Whenever I am feeling down and there is nothing left of my confidence, I give myself two options:  OR I’m going to sit in a corner and cry about it, OR I get over myself and do this f*cking sh*t! Because let’s face it: will you ever make progress if you act insecure? OF COURSE NOT.

So… lift your pretty ass and turn on your Warrior Mode: try to switch off your emotions and think rationally. What do I need to do to reach my goals? Which steps do I need to take? Sometimes all you need is to keep going and find your dedication & determination again… dreams don’t come true overnight and that’s okay, it’s a process!

Obviously everyone messes up every now and then. The point is to learn from your bloopers in order to grow higher than ever! Instead of being disappointed or embarrassed, try to find out why things went wrong and how you can improve yourself for the next time. Like this you will be able to look positively to all of your experiences: the Good AND the Bad. What was that saying again? Sometimes you Win, sometimes you Learn. With a positive approach to your experiences you will gain more confidence over time, tested and approved!

Are you ready to turn on your Warrior Mode after these tips? What is your trick to get your confidence back? Share your experiences with the rest of us!

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Arty Farty Fashion Friday: Illustration Inspiration

October 16, 2015

YAY It’s Weekend!

It has been getting seriously cold, so I am cheering you guys up with amazing fashion illustrations! It is important to keep the creative juices flowing ;) You wonder why I love this specific style so much? As an Art Student and a Fashion Blogger it’s great to combine these two things that I absolutely LOVE into one concept. Fashion Illustrations show how important the art- and fashionworld are to each other, and how they simultaneously influence one another. Many magazines and brands nowadays use fashion illustrations for their commercials and advertising because it’s new, it’s creative, it’s fresh and above all… unique!

This week I decided to look for illustrations which portray women and fashion in several styles: abstract, sketchy, watercolour, detailed… I even found an image which was made in the style of the famous painter Alfons Mucha! There are so many amazing talents in the world and I see it as my mission to find the most creative and unique ones,

I hope you guys enjoy my journey :)

What do you think about fashion illustrations? I am very curious to hear more about other opinions on this topic. Also I would love to hear if you have a favorite and why, what would you like to see more?

And last but not least: BIG credits to all the artists that I selected for today, it was tough to chose but I had a great time looking through all the inspiring images during my search.

Lots of Love,


P.s. The names of the artists are mentioned from left to right! 

 Fashion Illustration Fashion Illustration 59b0a6b629d1c8a97c18f7918a2a6c59  Fashion Illustration  Fashion Illustration Fashion Illustration

Me and a Cup of Hot Chocolate 

Ekatarina Koroleva 

Lucie Birant





Sunny Gu 

Pippa McManus 

António Soares 



Fashion Illustration Fashion Illustration Fashion Illustration Fashion Illustration   Fashion Illustration Fashion Illustration Fashion Illustration Fashion Illustration - OliviaFashion Illustration      

Chriselle Lim 

Cate Parr

Antonio Lopez




Mary Katrantzou

António Soares

Tanya Leigh





Hannah Müller

Sunny Gu

António Soares

Get inspired!

Highlighted: Fashion Illustrator PEPIART

September 29, 2015

Fashion and Art is a brilliant combination, a true artist who proves this is Pepi Art! When I found her work on Instagram she immediately caught my attention with her unique style, I just had to know more about it! I send her an e-mail and we were able to set up a small interview! We spoke about how fashion influences her art, how she gets her inspiration and more.


1. Hello there! I am so excited you were able to make some time for me in order to tell me more about yourself and your work! How have you been lately? 

Hi Lynn! Thanks for your interest! I’m also excited to answer all your questions! I’m fine – thank you – just got back from London, where I had my first group exhibition at Lollipop Gallery. I had a blast and already miss the city and all the lovely people.

2. What inspires you to make your illustrations? 

Everything could inspire me – I don’t want to set myself a limit regarding sources of inspiration! But I like to get inspired by people the most – simply the beauty of human being, minds, emotions etc. I also love it when I could make people smile with my artworks – that’s my motivation.


3. Help! I’m out of inspiration, what should I do?

I think inspiration also results from the process. Sometimes I already have the illustration or painting exactly in my mind but sometimes not. So you just need to start with something – the inspiration will follow. Don’t use a lack of inspiration as an excuse!

4. How long have you been drawing and how did you grow into your signature style? 

All my life I have been loving to draw. It has become my passion, as well as my profession. I graduated in Media Economics, but have always focused on my passion of art besides. After my B.A.’s degree last year I decided to follow my dream and to become a professional artist. I’ll never forget the moment when Cara Delevingne and Rita Ora reposted my work on their instagram accounts – it has shown that my art could reach people by heart – all the lovely feedback I got from all over the world – motivated me to go for it. I don’t know how I’ve developed my own signature style – it just happened because I’ve never stopped drawing.

Fashion Illustrator Fashion Illustration

5. Do you think that your work as a fashion illustrator influences your personal fashion style? 

Nope – it’s precisely the reserve! My personal fashion style/ personal taste influences all my artwork.

6. Do you have any personal fashion styling ideas that all of us should know about?

I’m crazy about jackets – especially leather jackets. So take a black leather jacket, a white or striped shirt, blue ripped jeans and you’re always ready to go! Don’t forget about the accessories – little cute arm bracelets, fine necklaces and rings. Oh and one more thing I would like to advice: Buy less but better – invest in high quality clothes! You’ll have more of it!


7. What does fashion mean to you?

I love fashion – it’s not only inspiring, it’s also a great way to express yourself! I would love to have my own fashion label someday.

8. Thank you for all the great answers! I love your work and I will definitely keep following you for more, are there any exciting projects coming up for you that we should stay tuned for? 

Thank you too!! I’m looking forward to your own Fashion Blog – congrats and good luck with everything! Currently you could get some PEPIART for your phone – check out my cooperation with DeinDesign – it’s available for mostly all phones and worldwide shipping. After my first exhibition in London I will exhibit my work in a fashion showroom in Dusseldorf soon. Stay tuned! :)

Fashion IllustrationFashion Illustration11705173_873727829342053_2521612204865665622_n Fashion Illustration


Did you enjoy reading about PepiART? You can check out more of her work here:

Social Media:

Do you like the concept of fashion illustrations? Earlier this week I spoke about five inspiring fashion illustrators, go check it out!