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The First month of Who is that Blonde: How did it go?

October 23, 2015

Hi guys!

Wow, it’s unbelievable how time flies… it has been exactly one month since the launching of Who is that Blonde! As you might have noticed I didn’t sit still these days, let’s see what I have been doing and check out the progress I made!

It all started on my birthday, during the day I had quite some stress with the launching of the website but eventually everything was arranged and I could enjoy an evening filled with family and friends, they were such a great support! Not long after my birthday it was time to start preparing for Paris Fashion Week…. So much outfits to style! I wouldn’t have made it without my stylist & PR manager Senna Kabbaj, thank you lady <3 Paris was hectic but so much fun! I met very interesting people and saw many new inspiring collections, I can’t wait till it’s time for the new Spring/Summer Season :)

After Paris I had two weeks filled with shoots and meetings with friends & family for my final goodbyes because I was about to move to Barcelona! With three suitcases and two bags I arrived to my favorite city in the world and was greeted by my most favorite person: Alex, my boyfriend! After four years of a long distance relationship it was finally time to move in together and start a new adventure, I couldn’t be happier!

And here I am sitting now, in our new adorable apartment, 15 minutes from the beach, writing about my progress to you guys. I just checked Google Analytics and I am super proud to already have gained almost 2000 unique visitors in my first month! Barcelona apparently is a great place to be for bloggers since there are fashion events every week, so I am very curious to see what the upcoming month will bring for me… subscribe to my newsletter and join my adventures!

Lots of love,


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PFW Streetstyle: Romantic in White

October 7, 2015

For the last day of Paris Fashion Week I am in a romantic mood with this beautiful white lace dress by Michelangelo Winklaar. I spotted this designer during Salonè della Moda and immediately fell in love with this designs: they arecompletely made by hand with oldskool craftsmanship and exquisite detailing… simply amazing!

IMG_2127_phixrTo complement the romantic look I braided my hair, added some small silver Swarovski jewelry and put on a pair of matching white lace heels. However, this dress is not all ‘angel innocence’ as you might have noticed… most part of the dress is transparent! Winklaar likes to turn heads with his outfits, just like me. A match made in heaven I would say! To don’t be too shocking I put on skin colored tights and nipple covers, but the great part about this dress is that it could actually still look classy without them: it’s simply too cute! The outfit reminds me of a quote I found on Instagram the other day: 

Always Classy

Never Trashy

And a little bit Sassy

I couldn’t agree more, thank you Instagram! I do have to say that I almost felt like a celebrity while wearing this dress since it definitely attracted some attention! Everyone wanted to take pictures, do interviews, make selfies and get my contact information, awesome and crazy at the same time! I even missed one show because I got slowed down by everyone I met, but it was a very interesting experience indeed!



Anyhow, I will have to be patient to wear more of these kind of amazing designs till the next fashion week, let the preperations begin and see you next season!

Lots of love,


#OOTD The Styling Files

PFW Streetstyle: Black Swan

October 6, 2015

IMGL1858_phixrGood news lovelies! Today I was able to shine in one of the designs by Michelangelo Winklaar, lucky me! This time I am going all black with his ‘black ballerina dress’ in combination with a bodysuit which I got at Oysho: they fit together so perfectly that you can barely even notice I am wearing two different pieces! This outfit is a great example of combining designer pieces with affordable mass production: all you have to do is to get creative and to mix & match!

Since the dress is already such a strong look on own it’s barely even necessary to accessorize. You don’t want to overload the outfit, so it sufficed to add one purple statement ring and a beautiful Mange purse.

Today I visited the Agnes B show, as well as Paul & Joe, and I had the BEST time ever interviewing people before and after the show in collaboration with the Modelboard Crew! The videos will be online soon so keep an eye out for them!


Lots of Love,



PFW Streetstyle















The Styling Files

SS16 Agnes B – Dressing the Everyday Woman

October 6, 2015

PFW-agnes-b-femme-SS16-1Before the show starts, the public gets to see a short film introduction in order to celebrate the 40 years’ existence of the Fashion House. “I want to make clothes that can be kept for a lifetime” she states. Her designs are known for being classic pieces: suitable for any time or season. This typical French brand tributes its SS16 collection to the beauty of the everyday woman.

The show opens with two beautiful models walking together in long, simple dresses. They are holding a cup of tea and a baguette as if they just got their breakfast. The next looks resemble a businesswoman on her way to work: black & grey blazers and pencil skirts in combination with long coats and handbags. Later on, the designs get more casual and ready for summer.

There are a couple of graphic black & white designs with the iconic horizontal stripes Agnes B became known for. Furthermore, it is visible she has a weak spot for straight lines and soft materials: comfortable yet super stylish. She uses classic fashion pieces and gives them a twist with bright colors, new cuts, interesting combinations with other clothing pieces or with adding details such as buttons or zippers. Some of her favorite pieces are trench coats, straight trousers, blouses and blazers.




















To emphasize the natural beauty of the everyday woman, Agnes B choses for a natural make-up look, it’s not necessary to get all dressed up! The hairdos are also simple and straight forward yet elegant. By selecting a wide variety of models she also wants to show that everyone can be beautiful: any age, any race, any size… anyone! Agnes B sends out a great message to all of us, which is truly inspiring.




















What we also like about the Agnes B show is the fact that any of the looks she creates, you can in fact completely put on and walk straight out of the door. She thinks everything trough: clothes, accessories and shoes. Furthermore, the energy is upbeat, it’s fun! It’s clear the models are feeling comfortable in their outfits and that they are having a good time (we even saw some smiles!), the music creates a good atmosphere and the looks are classic but impressing nevertheless. The quality of the material, the perfect cuts, the timeless charm… Agnes B made her 40 Years Celebration one to remember!

PFW-agnes-b-femme-SS16-14 PFW-agnes-b-femme-SS16-15 PFW-agnes-b-femme-SS16-16 PFW-agnes-b-femme-SS16-17 PFW-agnes-b-femme-SS16-18 PFW-agnes-b-femme-SS16-19 PFW-agnes-b-femme-SS16-20 PFW-agnes-b-femme-SS16-21 PFW-agnes-b-femme-SS16-22 PFW-agnes-b-femme-SS16-23 PFW-agnes-b-femme-SS16-24 PFW-agnes-b-femme-SS16-25 PFW-agnes-b-femme-SS16-26 PFW-agnes-b-femme-SS16-27 PFW-agnes-b-femme-SS16-28 PFW-agnes-b-femme-SS16-29 PFW-agnes-b-femme-SS16-30 PFW-agnes-b-femme-SS16-31 PFW-agnes-b-femme-SS16-32 PFW-agnes-b-femme-SS16-33 PFW-agnes-b-femme-SS16-34 PFW-agnes-b-femme-SS16-35 PFW-agnes-b-femme-SS16-36 PFW-agnes-b-femme-SS16-37 PFW-agnes-b-femme-SS16-38 PFW-agnes-b-femme-SS16-39 PFW-agnes-b-femme-SS16-40 PFW-agnes-b-femme-SS16-41 PFW-agnes-b-femme-SS16-42 PFW-agnes-b-femme-SS16-43 PFW-agnes-b-femme-SS16-44 PFW-agnes-b-femme-SS16-45 PFW-agnes-b-femme-SS16-46 PFW-agnes-b-femme-SS16-47 PFW-agnes-b-femme-SS16-48 PFW-agnes-b-femme-SS16-49 PFW-agnes-b-femme-SS16-50 PFW-agnes-b-femme-SS16-51 PFW-agnes-b-femme-SS16-52 PFW-agnes-b-femme-SS16-53 PFW-agnes-b-femme-SS16-54 PFW-agnes-b-femme-SS16-55 PFW-agnes-b-femme-SS16-56 PFW-agnes-b-femme-SS16-57 PFW-agnes-b-femme-SS16-58 PFW-agnes-b-femme-SS16-59 PFW-agnes-b-femme-SS16-60 PFW-agnes-b-femme-SS16-61 PFW-agnes-b-femme-SS16-62 PFW-agnes-b-femme-SS16-63

The Styling Files

SS16 John Galliano – Back to British

October 5, 2015

After being out for a while, it is finally time for the return of John Galliano to the worlds fashion capital, Paris! The SS16 Collection is inspired by his roots in Great Britain, as we can see several references to British history, as well as to modern London. John Galliano portrays a unique mixture of statuesque uniforms with British rock and intimate lace work.




















As the models walk down the runway we see lots of blazers and trousers with strong lines, creating a powerful and edgy feel. The cuts are perfectly tailored to the female body and the materials follow flawlessly. On the other hand, we also see a lot of delicate transparent lace with subtle embellishments. These inherently feminine designs are edged up with Brit-inspired caps, flat shoes and a badass attitude. Other notable designs are romantic cocktail dresses with a deep V-neck, several Brit-inspired checkered suits, and long organza dresses which flow beautifully over the catwalk. A returning motive is the use of polka dots, which can be found in most of the outfits.






















The use of color is mainly black & white. However, there are several color accents such as beige, blue, army green and bright orange. John Galliano manages to create a coherent overall style by playing with these color accents throughout the presentation. The make-up and the hair are very neutral with an emphasizes on brushy brows, probably in order to don’t make the looks too feminine. After all: John Galliano is going for subtle Brit Rock.



















While John Galliano is commonly known for his over-the-top carnavalesque flamboyantly eccentric style, this SS16 collection was more subtle and can immediately be taken to the streets. A piece of London was present in Paris today, and the lovers of British fashion will be standing in line for this unique collection. Welcome back John Galliano!

P.s. My article was originally published at Modelboard Magazine. Check it out for all of my PFW Fashion Reports!

PFW-John-Galiano-SS16-20 PFW-John-Galiano-SS16-21 PFW-John-Galiano-SS16-22 PFW-John-Galiano-SS16-23 PFW-John-Galiano-SS16-24 PFW-John-Galiano-SS16-25 PFW-John-Galiano-SS16-26 PFW-John-Galiano-SS16-27 PFW-John-Galiano-SS16-28 PFW-John-Galiano-SS16-29 PFW-John-Galiano-SS16-30 PFW-John-Galiano-SS16-31 PFW-John-Galiano-SS16-32 PFW-John-Galiano-SS16-33 PFW-John-Galiano-SS16-34 PFW-John-Galiano-SS16-35 (1) PFW-John-Galiano-SS16-35


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PFW Streetstyle: Prima Ballerina

October 3, 2015

PFW Streetstyle Prima Ballerina(2)Who ever said that tutu’s are just for Ballerina’s? It’s so easy to turn it around into a modern look for the classy ladies out there! I went for an all-black outfit with my ‘Cool Girls Club’ OKE by Me T-shirt, high heels and a big black ribbon to accentuate my waistline (and the cuteness of the look obviously!).

The Tule skirt is actually longer than it looks like on the picture, I turned it over a couple of times to make it knee-height and I used the ribbon to hide the evidence (yeah you didn’t notice that, now did you?!) I love this outfit, I feel like a 21st Century princess, why didn’t I buy a Tutu before?!

I gotta run to the show of Rahul Mishra now lovelies! Have a nice day and see you tomorrow!

Lots of love,





PFW Streetstyle Prima Ballerina(4)
PFW Streetstyle Prima Ballerina(1)

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Get to know me in 4 Minutes!

September 25, 2015

Hi there!

Since this is the first week of my blog launch, I figured you might want to get to know me a bit better! Besides the fact that you could also check out my About Page, I decided to make it a bit more interesting and fun by asking some of my closest family members and friends to write down a couple of things of which they think other people might not know it about me yet….

Is there anything you want to know about me? Don’t hesitate to ask it here


P.s. Do you like my outfit? You can find the blogpost about it here!