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Getting fit in 3 weeks for a Hunkemöller shoot: How did I do it? HIIT Workout Review

April 8, 2018

As you have seen in my previous blogpost: I went to the Seychelles for an AMAZING Hunkemöller campaign! Obviously I wanted to look as good as possible so I followed a workout plan: 2-3 times a week intense HIIT workout. In the video below I show several workout moves and you can slowly see my body turn more and more fit!

Important: if you consider starting with HIIT workout, it is not always the best option to go with if you want to get fit – as I explain in this blog. This really depends on your personal goals! Watch till the end. There is some important advice that I’m sharing. 

Have you ever tried HIIT workout before? Share your experience!

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Sporty Monday: The Reason why HIIT Workout doesn’t ‘work out’ for Models  

October 12, 2015

Nowadays HIIT Workout – High Intensity Interval Training – can be found anywhere and is considered as one of the most efficient ways to burn fat. I also did HIIT Workouts for a long time in order to get the ‘perfect’ model measurements, but got more and more frustrated as the time was passing. I was sporting three to four times a week, following a HIIT Trainings program made by a professional coach… why wasn’t this working?

Of course, I had an amazing endurance. Beautiful abs and tight arms and shoulders where also visible. However, the area around my hips and thighs didn’t become skinnier like the rest of my body. At first I thought that perhaps I was doing something wrong during the workout, or maybe I just had to keep on working. A perfect body needs time… right? After training for half a year I came to a model apartment in Milan and one night I was talking with a few of my roomies. Soon they told me I was crazy that I was following such an intense trainings program. They told me that it’s way better to go fast-walking or biking for a few hours each day in order to get a slimmer body, something of which I thought wouldn’t burn enough calories – especially compared to HIIT Workout! After that conversation I decided to do some research and figure out how I could optimize my workout routine.

The Answer

Actually the principle is very simple: pretty much all the coaches are in love with HIIT Workout. You burn lots of calories, boost your metabolism, improve your endurance and strengthen your muscles. However, this last point is exactly the reason why HIIT workout doesn’t work for most of the models. Indeed, my fat percentage was very low in the period that I did HIIT workouts, but my muscles grew so much that I even gained some extra centimeters. The annoying thing about this is the fact that muscles are much harder to get rid of than fat, which brings you into even more troubles. Models barely have fat so the only thing they can achieve with HIIT workout is the gaining of muscles, not good!

Another notable point is the fact that models that are trying to lose weight often barely eat any calories and carbs, which will result in overloading their nerve system once they complete such an intense workout. The less you eat, the less energy your body gets. If you are going to force yourself with HIIT workouts your body will overload and it can damage your muscles. Canadian sprintcoach Charlie Francis describes this process as a cup of thee – everything can be poured into the cup until it overflows. HIIT Workout is a no-go for girls on a diet! Do you want to learn more about HIIT Training? Click here and here for two interesting articles.


 But Then What?

Bob_Mans-0330-edit-jpeg_phixrAs my wise roomies already said: bike and walk regularly! This helps burning calories without pressuring your muscles, which will make sure they won’t grow more. Something which I also find very important is a good stretch after workout: this is not only vital for cooling down, it will also stretch out your muscles so they will stay long and lean.

Do you think your legs are already too muscled and you want to slim them down asap? It sounds cliché but the best you can do is Yoga or Pilates! Personally I had no clue on how to start with yoga; I travel so much so I wasn’t able to take classes. For me the 30 Days Yoga Challenge was a fantastic solution. Every day you follow instructions of a yoga teacher on YouTube for 20 minutes, who shows you several exercises for varying muscle groups. After the 30 days you will know all the basic movements and you can easily do them on your own!

Besides the cardio and yoga it’s also essential to regularly do some power training for the rest of your muscle groups in order to keep your body in top shape! After my cardio I usually spend 30 minutes on abs, chest, back and arms. This doesn’t have to be intense like a HIIT Training. After all, you are not supposed to be mega muscled!


A model has lots to think about when it’s about her body, and a suitable workout is definitely a part of it! I hope I was able to help some girls get to their model measurements with this article. If anyone else has more great ideas please share your knowledge with the rest of us, comment down below!

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P.s. this article got translated from the Dutch original, which I wrote for Modelworkout. I got so many request that I’m sharing it in English with you now!