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3 Surprising Habits from Creative Thinkers + Mini Giveaway!

April 30, 2016

Not that long ago I saw this TED video and found it truly inspiring and motivational! Obviously I had to share this with you guys, I had to share the message: all of us have the chance to be great, all we need is a little reminder. In this TED Talk Adam Grant wonders about the question “How do creative people come up with Great Ideas?” He explains about his studies of ‘Originals’: creative thinkers who dream up new ideas and take action to make them happen. In this talk he speaks about three unexpected habits he was able to recognize in Originals: Continue Reading

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Tumblr Inspirations: Your Daily Milk

February 19, 2016

Hi Guys!

Today I felt like sharing some awesome fashion inspirations from a Tumblr account that I have been following for a while already. The account is called ‘Your Daily Milk’ and they always share amazing fashion photography, perfect if you are looking for Moodboard Pictures! This one is for the photography lovers… enjoy:)

Tumblr Inspirations Tumblr Inspirations1 Tumblr Inspirations2 Tumblr Inspirations3 Tumblr Inspirations4 Tumblr Inspirations5 Tumblr Inspirations6 Tumblr Inspirations7 Tumblr Inspirations7 Tumblr Inspirations8 Tumblr Inspirations9 Tumblr Inspirations10 Tumblr Inspirations11 Tumblr Inspirations12 Tumblr Inspirations13 Tumblr Inspirations14 Tumblr Inspirations15 Tumblr Inspirations16 Tumblr Inspirations17

Feeling the need to get creative yet? I sure feel like setting up an amazing photoshoot after seeing these amazing inspirations !