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Most inspirational TED talks at the moment

November 12, 2017

Hi lovelies! 

My week has been exhausting, but sooo much fun! I’m working in Hamburg at the moment and I fell in love with what everything that it has to offer. You can imagine I’m spending my free time exploring the city, visiting art expositions and going to concerts. But when I’m not doing all these things I like to spend my time watching TED talks. Have you heard of them?

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Out of Office!

June 8, 2016

* Out of Office *

Hey guys! Sorry I haven’t been very active on my social media and my blog lately, I’ve been so busy! First I was in the Netherlands for three weeks, and I had the most terrible internet connection EVER. Answering mails, comments, and other messages went soooo slow, and I’m not the most patient person in the world so I kinda slacked answering, upss. BUT! Now I’m back in Barcelona, my internet is on 100% and I’m gonna catch up, pinky promise!

However, many of you might not even know this, but I am graduating from my master this month! I’m studying Art Direction and Creative Advertising and it’s great! But my deadline is by the end of this month so I have to #workworkwork it until my final project is *perfect*. So I’m gonna be Out of Office this month! Here is how I feel about myself at the moment:

Out of Office To all of you who are also struggling with exams and projects right now: you can do it! Let’s #werkit together

Lots of Love,