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    How to Create your Personal Brand (Part 2)

    April 4, 2016

    “Have you ever met someone in real life been and been kinda disappointed because they were different than you expected based on their online persona? I have. More than once. More than a dozen times to be honest. I hate being disappointed. If you think your brand is just a logo or some colors or a clever tagline – you’re wrongIf you’re a blogger or small business owner, YOU are your brand.”Elle from Wonderfelle; Digital Marketing Strategist for lipstick-wearing entrepreneurs.

    Last week I already spoke about The Importance of Personal Branding, now it’s time to take it a step further! In this article I will be handing you some very practical and efficient tools to define your own personal brand. Please note beforehand that the reason I ask you to write down 10 answers for all the questions is to force you to get your creative juices flowing! This will bring you to more unique and well-thought ideas which eventually might become your business plan! Please don’t hesitate to ask help from others; they might give you insights you had never thought about before. Continue Reading

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