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Tips to get back to the gym

May 7, 2017

We have to admit .. sometimes the gym seems really far away and the step to working out is just too big. Days go by, a week, maybe even another week. Getting back into a workout routine can be really difficult, this is why I’ve set up these tips to help you to get back into the exercise habit!

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Work out like a Model with ModelWorkout and Hunkemöller!

April 20, 2016

Hey guys!

As you might remember, a while ago Hunkemöller gave me the cutest workout outfit ever so obviously I had to test it! The written review is already on the blog, but now you can also enjoy a ‘tag along’ workout video with Modelworkout! I asked Paultje Column from Modelworkout to show me a full body workout which is not too hard to do by myself and will give me a fit body for summer, so here it is guys… You think you can keep up?! As you can see in the video I am most definitely NOT the biggest workout hero myself so don’t be shy and give it a try. Let’s get this ‘Operation Bikini’ started! P.s. I also have a Surprise Giveaway for 2 of my newsletter subscribers, so make sure to keep reading! If you weren’t subscribed yet, make sure to do it now so you are up in the running for my future giveaways!

Besides, I also took advantage of the opportunity to ask Paultje some questions about his career as professional coach and trainer of models. Read the interview down below to learn more about his tips for getting that perfect body! Continue Reading

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#OOTD: Getting Sporty with Hunkemöller

January 25, 2016

Hey guys!

Last week I visited the organization Model Workout in Amsterdam while I was there for the fashion week, and I got a personal training session from their coach Paultje Column! I will be sharing everything that I learned very soon… but let’s start at the beginning: what to wear for a good workout? In this blog I will be reviewing an outfit from the New Sylvie Sport Collection of Hunkemöller, let’s check it out!

Hunkemöller & Modelworkout2













The First Impression

BOOM, let’s get started! To be honest I was kinda nervous for my training with Paultje (I heard that he loves to kick ass), but after putting on my poweroutfit I already felt a bit better… at least I would look kinda cute while biting the dust. The materials are supercomfy and I love the color combination: cute pink meets strong black. And not to miss: the subtle leopard print in the pants adds an extra fun factor, love it! 


My Experience

Anway, you must be wondering… was I comfortable while working out? Actually I felt great! The Pants fitted like a second skin and I could follow all the movements without any problems. A small detail that I really appreciate is the little pocket in the back where I can keep some essentials, you never know when you might need them!

Usually I prefer to wear a croptop during workout because I overheat otherwise, but it seems like Hunkemöller was prepared for this problem: the Shirt has little holes in the section of the shoulders to let the fresh air flow, simple but effective! The shirt has a loose fit so it’s easy to move around and feel comfy.

I was wondering if the Sport Bra would support enough during the workout… I mean, it’s beautiful and I love the little push-up effect… but will it be strong enough to hold my 70C cup? It turned out my worries were not necessary at all: the double straps kept everything thightly in place! I know that the S in the front of the bra is for Sylvie, but I prefer to think it’s for Superwoman. How awesome would that be, am I right?!

Hunkemöller & Modelworkout1

So there you go Hunkemöller, I absolutely adore your Sylvie Sport Collection! Thanks for making workout a little bit more fun :)

Lots of Love,


P.s. Thanks for helping me out with making pictures Stef Hartog! And thanks for letting me do the retouching, I certainly need the practice haha