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Spotted on the Catwalk: Oldskool Hiphop with Krizia Robustella

February 11, 2016

Badass. Oldskool. Hiphop. There are no other words which describe the AW16/17 Collection from Krizia Robustella better. The designer takes us back to the 80’s and 90’s with ‘Black Street’: a tribute to the streets of New York. On the sounds of ‘No Diggity’ the models parade over the catwalk like true rappers, sunglasses and (faux) fur coats included. Move over hipsters, the gangsters are back!

Krizia Robustella2

Krizia Robustella describes her own style as “Sport Deluxe”, with which she tries to merge comfort with luxury. Most of her designs are inspired by sportswear with wide fits and flexible materials, but are simultaneously mixed with luxury details such as (faux) fur and leather. Besides the graffiti tags and the watercolor effects, the signature print of this collection is created by Nicasi Torres: the illustrator that provided the black and white portraits as a print for many of the designs. In ‘Black Street’ we can see a variation between jogging pants, mesh dresses, oversized sweaters, sporty leggings and crop tops with matching high-waisted pencil skirts. My favorites of the show were the tight graphic leather dress and the oversized fur sweater dress: both have a beautiful color scheme and are fun to wear!

Krizia Robustella1

Furthermore, the overall styling of the collection is done very well with sneakers to emphasize the street style, and the hat with sunglasses to create that ‘badass rapper’ feeling Krizia Robustella is going for. Fun details are the fur hats and bags as accessories, which are the cherries on the pie of ‘Black Street’. This young designer has a vibrant vision, which is very clear while watching her collection rock the runway. Isn’t it fascinating to see how oldskool inspirations can become young and fresh in the right hands? I’m a fan Krizia, and definitely looking forward to seeing more of you!

Check out some of my favorite looks of the show down below, would you wear any of her designs?

Krizia Robustella7 Krizia Robustella6 Krizia Robustella5 Krizia Robustella4 Krizia Robustella3   Krizia Robustella 9 Krizia Robustella8

#OOTD The Styling Files

#OOTD: School Chic with Ruitertassen

January 13, 2016

Bye Bye Holidays, Hello Exams! Since most of my friends are spending their days in the books at the moment, I figured it would be fun to do an #OOTD inspired by the University Look. How to walk to classes while looking effortlessly chic? I got the answer! And there is more: for this #OOTD I convinced Alex to join me for menswear inspiration and I think he did an amazing job. Let’s check it out!

Ruitertassen1For Her

When you are too busy studying, you most definitely not want to get too complicated with your outfit. Therefore, the first (and very obvious) ground rule for effortlessly chic is: keep it simple! As you can see I went for a basic Zara shirt in combination with a checkered A-line skirt: warm and comfy, but still cute.

Ruitertassen5The second thing which is important for a chic school outfit are the colors. Black and white is always a safe option, but for today’s outfit I felt inspired by warmer colors: brown and burgundy red. These colors are trending as we speak and I happen to love them, happy me! Is it just me or do they also give a little 70’s touch to my outfit? Anyways, the neutrals are always good for the chic look, so all you have to do is ask yourself: does the color scream? If the answer is yes, don’t wear it as one of your basics. As a fun touch for an accessory? Go for it!

Ruitertassen3And last but not least: you NEED a bag to drag all your books around, so you might as well go for a cool one! This oldskool leather bag from Ruitertassen really gives my outfit that final touch and is super practical as well. The best part is the fact that these oldskool bags are made with great quality and they will only start looking better with the years, unlike most other bags I ever took to class. Besides, I love the vintage style of the bag because… vintage! Do I need to say more?

Ruitertassen6For Him

How amazing is it that at the moment it’s trending again for men to suit up and look classy? I’m a fan! Alex is wearing a shirt under his jumper with his tie tucked in (yes, I was inspired by Nate from Gossip Girl) combined with his beige skinny fit jeans. This fit makes the look a bit more casual, otherwise it would go into the direction of ‘business man’ instead of ‘college student’ and that’s not the look we were going for!


Ruitertassen9For Alex I also decided to go for neutrals with a beige jeans and a grey/blue-ish sweater. However, the combination of different structures and layers makes the look more interesting, just as the small burgundy red detail on his socks! Finally, Alex’ outfit also got its final touch with the oldskool leather bag from Ruitertassen, who do you think wore it better? ;)Ruitertassen4


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Sporty Monday: 7 Fitness Hacks for Lazy Girls

November 2, 2015

Sometimes it’s so hard to get up from the couch and go to fitness… I mean, I think we all agree on what is more comfortable, am I right? Especially if you have to go to the gym and it’s cold outside: Thanks, but no thanks! However, it’s super important for your body to get enough exercise for SO many reasons, as Lady Goldapple explained in her blog last week. That’s why I am dedicating this blog to all of you lazy girls to help you get your ass off the couch, YOU CAN DO IT!

1. Get Social! It’s easy to skip a workout if it’s up to yourself. Try to exercise together with a friend: it will be more fun, you can help each other with tips AND it makes it harder to cancel last-minute: your friend is counting on your support!

2. Reward Yourself: Exercising becomes way more interesting if there is a reward ahead of you once you finish. What makes you happy? If you finish your workout you are allowed to enjoy it! Do you like taking naps? Go for it. Perhaps a delicious lunch? Take your time to cook something nice and relax. Watching your favorite series? Check out two chapters instead of one! You will enjoy it more since you feel like you worked for it and really deserved it.

3. Go Oldskool: Make your workout fun by doing one of those oldskool 80’s/90’s fitness videos. They don’t take too long, have nostalgic upbeat music, and don’t forget the oh so amusing exercise outfits! Make this workout even better by asking a friend to join, there is enough to laugh and talk about!

4. Multitask: I love biking in the gym since it gives me free hands to play with my phone or read a book. The time (and calories) will fly without you even noticing! Fitness was never this easy.

5. Exercise with Daily Movements: If you don’t even feel like putting on your workout outfit, try making mini workouts out of your daily routines! Dance like crazy when you go out to party, take the stairs instead of the escalators, and clean your house like your life depends on it!

6. Create Anticipation: Do you like watching series or reading books? If you do, you must be familiar with the crazy anticipation for the next chapter… what is going to happen next time?! Try to use this anticipation to motivate yourself to workout: get an audiobook which you are ONLY allowed to listen to while you are working out, and let’s see how much more hours in the week you will spend on exercise ;)

7. Pay Yourself, Not the Gym: Instead of going to the gym, pay yourself every time you do fitness on your own. It will save you money, and in six months you will be allowed to buy yourself a present with what you have been saving! Keep your motivation strong by imagining what you could do with all that money, it will help you get through a tough workout!

shoe addiction sunny guSatisfying that shoe addiction for example!