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MILAN in 2 days | The best places to visit

August 20, 2017

If you only have two days to spend in Milan, don’t worry – it’s enough time to get a taste of what the city has to offer. My friends and I went on a little citytrip last week and we tried to see as much as we could in two days. Luckily I already knew which areas and places are definitely worth visiting, because I worked there as a model for two months. In this blog I will tell you everything we did and all the places we have visited, so you don’t have to waste hours looking for the right places in the short time you have!

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Column #3: Perfectly Imperfect Holidays

January 4, 2017

Who doesn’t recognize these typical Christmas scenes: stressing all day trying to make the perfect Christmas dinner, looking for the best presents, trying to untangle the lights for the Christmas tree, struggling to make plans with both sides of your family to make sure you see everyone during the holidays and gaining 5kg from all the food. I think we can all agree that Christmas isn’t as perfect as we like to make it look like on social media, can we? Nevertheless, Christmas is one of my favorite holidays – and not because of the presents under the Christmas tree. Maybe all these little holiday dramas are exactly what make it such a charming holiday. Let’s see how I spent mine!  Continue Reading

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Staycation? Roadtrip!

August 1, 2016

Who doesn’t love a good old roadtrip? You and your friends, on adventure to find beautiful new places. Since I am not going on vacation this year, I decided to do a couple of roadtrips instead. Spain is a beautiful country, and actually I haven’t seen THAT much of it yet. Sure, I’ve been to all the touristic places and cities, but what about its secret treasures? Time to explore I would say :)


Me and a couple of friends got a car and drove to a very small place in the south of Catalonia called Toll de l’Olla. After we parked the car we walked for around 30 minutes in the woods before we found a hidden waterfall… which looked beautiful!

Photo by Naelia Salas Amner

Photo by Naelia Salas Amner


It took us quite some climbing and jumping over rocks till we made it there, the river is beautiful but so slippery! I even got some blue spots on my feet right now… But hey, if you want a roadtrip adventure, you gotta work for it right?

Photo by Naelia Salas Amner

Photo by Naelia Salas Amner

Sometimes it just feels great to go back to basics and enjoy nature in its purest form. Not only did I see a bit more of the country I live in. I also got over one of my fears: jumping from big heights! #GoMe

Photo by Naelia Salas Amner

Photo by Naelia Salas Amner

Yep, I was definitely proud of myself, hahaha!


Are you on a staycation, or considering a roadtrip? DO IT! It’s actually so simple, but it feels like such an adventure. Search on Instagram or Google for a beautiful place that’s within 2/3 hours driving from your home, gather some friends, and GO! I promise you… it’s worth it :)

Lots of Love,


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1 Week Out of my Life: A Photo Diary

May 25, 2016

Hi there!

Don’t you wonder sometimes… what do models and/or bloggers actually REALLY do?? Many people ask me what a ´normal´ workday looks like for me, which I always find hard to answer because there is so much variety! This week you will be able to tag along with me with this Photo Diary to see what I do on a daily basis: get ready because I’ve had a crazy week! One spoiler: It involves 2 countries and 8 cities Continue Reading

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Photo Diary: My Week in Photos

October 26, 2015

Hi Guys!

Since last week so many things happened for me, I decided it would be a cool idea to keep up a small photo diary  so you can see what I have been up to!


As you can see, today was packing day! What to take when you move to another country for a year or more?! Everything had to fit in the airplane so unfortunately I had to make some tough decisions, but I think I managed pretty well!

Photo Diary Who is that Blonde


Today it was THE day I had been looking forward to for a very long time already, it was time to start a new chapter and spread out my wings to Barcelona. After saying goodbye to all my family and friends I was warmly welcomed by my boyfriend Alex, who drove us to our new little palace. It was quite late already so we dropped everything, had dinner and went straight to sleep.

 Photo Diary Who is that BlondePhoto Diary Who is that Blonde  Photo Diary Who is that Blonde


Alex was already off to work early in the morning so I took on the project of making this little loft a home. It took me all day to empty my suitcases and decorate it, but I love the result! As a surprise I organized a romantic evening with dinner by candlelight and rose petals around the loft, it was lovely :)

Photo Diary Who is that Blonde Photo Diary Who is that Blonde Photo Diary Who is that Blonde Photo Diary Who is that BlondePhoto Diary Who is that Blonde  Photo Diary Who is that Blonde Photo Diary Who is that Blonde


In the morning I had a meeting with the designer Loretta Piovano and we discussed a very fun collaboration! Since I was in the city center anyway I decided to walk through Passeig de Gracia to enjoy the weather, the beautiful architecture and of course some shops! I had to prepare the styling for upcoming outfit shoots so this was the perfect occasion. In the afternoon me and Alex were invited to the presentation of the new NAAK collection, a brand for watches. The designs are young, fresh and colorful and the lookbook is beautiful!

Photo Diary Who is that Blonde  Photo Diary Who is that Blonde

Photo Diary Who is that BlondePhoto Diary Who is that Blonde


After my first few days of rest it’s time to get back to work! I had my first casting and already met some amazing girls, this year will be a fun one! The rest of the day I spent working on some blogposts, answering mails, talking with family and friends and just CHILL! I’m in Barcelona, the rest of the work will come mañana mañana… right?

Photo Diary Who is that Blonde


Yes, that’s exactly right, today was a busy day! In the morning I went to Gracia to buy some last details because today was shooting time! I shot several #OOTD’s which will be on the blog soon and furthermore I shot my next giveaway video which will be published the 1st of November! In the evening we went to have a drink in a bar to celebrate the productive day

Photo Diary Who is that Blonde


In the morning I shot a couple more outfits and spent the rest of the day with Photoshop and working on this photo diary. Thank you Alex, for all the help and support! Next week there are some more meetings, castings and blogs on the planning AND a very dear friend of mine is coming over to visit my new home! Carmen Vantini, get your sexy Italian ass over here asap!

Photo Diary Who is that Blonde Photo Diary Who is that Blonde

As you can see there is a lot on the planning for me, so there will be more than enough to write about! Maybe I should be making another photo diary? Subscribe to my newsletter if you would like to get weekly updates <3

Lots of Love,