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The most popular blogs of June

June 28, 2017

For those who follow me on my social channels already know it: June was a month of change for me! I said goodbye to my jetset lifestyle and moved to Amsterdam for a new challenge. A job! A lot more exciting things happened this month, and of course I blogged about it. These were the most popular ones: Continue Reading

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Pinkpop Festival – Looks and Vibes

June 21, 2017

Fun fact: did you know that Pinkpop is the oldest festival in the Netherlands? Throughout the years they have had some serious headliners, it’s almost hard to believe that the festival happens in a tiny town in the south of the Netherlands. As a proud southern girl I obviously visited the festival several times, and this year I was finally able to go again! Check out my looks and some of the vibes below: Continue Reading

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Spring Fashion, New Nails and Life Lessons

March 6, 2016

Hello Everyone!!

I’ve been super happy all week already, do you want to know why? It’s MARCH! that means that it’s almost Spring! And let’s be honest, here in sunny Barcelona it’s definitely already feeling like it – Today I was even able to go outside with just a thin faux-leather jacket, can you believe it?!

Anyways, with the temperatures rising and the warm sunshine coming back, I was in the mood for a Spring outfit with warm colors. Bordeaux Red is still a super popular color for 2016, but I traded the knits for a pastel pink floral print. I love that the wide shirt is comfy casual but still feminine, and it fits perfectly with my beige 3/4 trousers! My full outfit is from the Spanish brand Cortefiel, a shop where you will find me regularly here in Barcelona, because they are awesome :)

Warm Colors 4 Warm Colors2

Earlier that day I was really happy to be invited by the brand CND to get a manicure and a masterclass about nailcare. It was a blogger event to introduce their newest Spring/Summer colors for 2016, and it was so much fun! The ladies taking care of me were the sweetest and I had the hardest time picking a color since they were all so beautiful: in the end I went for a shimmery oldpink with a hot pink nailart detail on my ringfinger, what do you guys think?! CND Nails 2

This was the first time I tried Shellac so I am really excited to see if it actually works – you know, that nailpolish that stays on for 2 full weeks and is very hard to remove. They even gave me a special product with instructions so I will be able to take it off in 2 weeks, along with lots of other care products and 2 colors from their collection, I’m the happiest girl in the world :)

Warm Colors1 Warm Colors

CND Nails1Another thing that I wanted to share with you guys: as you might have read in my previous blog, I am currently dealing with a little burnout so my March is all about experimenting with getting better. So here is an update for you guys now: I noticed that sometimes I started reacting quite cynic & pessimistic to friends and people I work with, which makes me dissapointed in myself because thats NOT who I am at all. BUT now comes the good news! Since music has a huge influence on me, I decided to make a Spotify playlist called ‘Happy Therapy‘: filled with upbeat, badass, fun and happy music, to which I listen everytime I go to meet someone in order to brighten up my mood. Guess what? It works like a charm!

Since I started listening music before my meetings I’ve had so much fun and laughed more than I might have done in the past few weeks combined. So there you go! Maybe you would like to hear I am doing better and maybe it will work for you too!

Remember everyone: the seasons are changing, everything is getting warmer and brighning up. Let’s do the same! Show kindness, make someone’s day, appreciate what you have and don’t be too hard for yourself. Ups and downs are a part of life, just make sure that you always keep looking up :)


Lots of Love and see you soon <3


P.s. Thank you Luis Lau, for making these fun pictures with me! You’re the best

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Snuggle Up! Rocking PJ’s from Hunkemöller

November 23, 2015

We cannot avoid it anymore guys… Winter is arriving and it’s time to snuggle up! If we don’t have to be outside to rock the layered trend, it is SO much better to stay inside in your PJ’s, am I right?! I have a confession to make to you guys: I love fashion with all my heart, but if I would have to choose my working outfit I will always go for the fluffy pyjama! Lucky me that a lot of my blogging work is at home behind my laptop… ;)


Anyways, we were talking about PJ’s! Where to get them this season?! Last friday I received news that the  Cozy Collection from Hunkemöller had been launched and since this is one of my favorite brands, I rushed to one of the few shops here in Barcelona to check it out!


Like a little kid in Winterwonderland I hopped to all the different designs, the collection is so varied! Pyjama’s, blankets, fluffy onesies, socks, hats, bathrobes, and more! After trying on pretty much the full collection, I decided to go for a pink fluffy onesie to wear during my ‘Stay at home workingdays’ (IT’S SO FLUFFYYY! – yes, I made a Despicable Me reference there), and a cute Scandanavian inspired pyjama dress with a matching hat and slipper boots.



Simple, cute, comfy and soft… that’s how I would like to dress every single day! Do you guys like the looks that I chose? What kind of outfit is your favorite to wear at home?


That was it! How to rock your PJ’s #flawlessly, may your winterdays be snuggly and fluffy my dears. Now if you excuse me, it’s time to get back to my blanket and cup of tea!

Lots of Love,


P.s. Here is also a tip for you lovelies! At the moment Hunkemöller has some special discounts on the Cozy Collections for the early birds: if you buy two products you get 20% discount, if you buy three products you get 30%! You’re welcome :)