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Get your Sexy on! Hunkemöller Glam Collection

December 28, 2015

Hello there Lovelies!

This week I was lucky enough to be invited by Hunkemöller to check out their newest Glam Collection, it’s so beautiful! To get started, they measured me and helped me to find the perfect fit for my bodytype, and then… the shopping started! The Glam Collection has lots of variations with mainly black & red colors, lace, diamonds and strappy details for the perfect sexy holidays. Curious about which two sets I selected? Keep reading and let me know what you think about them :)   Hunkemöller Glam 8 Hunkemöller Glam 9

For this look I’m going for sexy black lace with garters and hold-ups! The bra has a subtle Push-up for a better shape and I love the cute little rose as a detail on both the bra and the panty. Personally, I have to admit that I am not a huge fan of garters because I am too darn clumsy to get them on, but I have to be honest… once I got them on it felt pretty awesome! Lingerie really does make women feel beautiful! Hunkemöller Glam 8 Hunkemöller Glam 7 Hunkemöller Glam 6

For the second look I went for a romantic touch with a Kimono and lots of lace! I’m wearing a short top and matching panties with diamond details on the back. The reason I went for this lingerie set is because of the many ways I can wear it: cute and romantic with the kimono, sexy lady with the full transparant look, or adding an extra glam detail to your holiday outfits with an open back. Smart move HunkemöllerHunkemöller Glam 3Hunkemöller Glam 4

Hunkemöller Glam 5 Up here you see the cute look and in the pictures down below you see the ‘party in the back‘ sexy glam! Don’t you love the beautiful little detail on the panties with matching diamonds? I am going to wear this top during NYE because my dress has an open back and the diamond chains will be an awesome detail, I’m excited already! Hunkemöller Glam 1Hunkemöller Glam 2

Sooo… I am super curious about what you guys think about my choices of the Hunkemöller Glam Collection! Which one is  your favorite? Would you go for another set? Let me know!

Lots of Love,


Get inspired! The Styling Files

Sexy Sunday: lingerie photography

November 15, 2015

Hey there!

I hope you are enjoying this beautiful sunday! This is in fact my first free day in a long time, so I sure am! It felt like the perfect occasion to share this new lingerie photography series which I received last week from Maarten Quaadvliet. It’s amazing!

Sexy Sunday Lingerie (1)

This past year I have been very selective with shooting lingerie since I don’t want to get the image of a glamour model, which is quite easy with my curves and platinum blonde hair. However, Maarten Quaadvliet is a master of portraying sexy, strong and feminine beauty, always keeping it classy. Furthermore he is brilliant with light settings and framings, I learned a lot from watching him work and I can’t wait till I have my own professional camera to start practicing!

Sexy Sunday Lingerie (5)

The styling of the shoot is inspired by Burberry and I am wearing several brands such as Oysho and Hunkemöller. My personal favorite is this sexy Oysho Body in the picture belowSexy Sunday Lingerie (3)

By the way, you would say that this position looks quite normal right? Believe me, it’s the most uncomfortable thing ever! Lingerie photography is highly underestimated I tell you! Don’t feel bad when you see all those skinny and toned models in the lingerie ads: It’s all a lie! In the picture above I am almost breaking my back to get the perfect ‘ass-curve‘ and keeping in my tummy to look skinnier, don’t even mention keeping a straight face despite the uncomfortable position!

Sexy Sunday LingerieNice legs right? I was balancing on my toes to make them look more toned. And my tummy is perfectly flat too? Yep it is… after flexing my abs, not breathing, and stretching out my upper body, all while trying to look like I am just comfortably chilling in my living room with sexy lingerie and a coat because who doesn’t do that on a casual sunday ;) Don’t get me wrong, I love modelling and I most definitely love the results of this shoot! I just want to show that when you try to make pictures in lingerie and it doesn’t look like the advertisments… keep in mind that models use many tricks to optimize the way their body looks in certain angles and lights, it’s their job after all!

Sexy Sunday Lingerie (4)This immediately brings me to my next point: if I can learn it, so can you! I have been getting so many questions about how I pose and how I create my expressions, that I am considering writing an e-book or making a video tutorial where I explain some of my own modelling tricks & tips. So here I am, checking if anyone would be interested in something like that! Let me know in the comments down below or a private message and maybe it will be one of my new projects :)

Lots of Love,