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Storytime: How I met my Spanish Boyfriend!

February 14, 2018

Happy Valentine’s day guys! Guess what? I’m sharing a special story today! Me and Alex have been together for more than 6 years and we get this question all the time: how did we meet? Little spoiler alert: we met while I was still in high school, can you believe it?! It’s a fun story that I enjoy telling everytime, I hope you enjoy hearing it!  Continue Reading

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The Best Low Budget Gifts for Valentine’s Day

February 10, 2016

Hi there lovelies!

This Sunday it’s time for Valentine’s Day again! Even though I believe you should be sharing your love every day of the year, there is nothing wrong with celebrating the day of love with your other half, am I right? I always hear my friends complain that Valentine’s Day is simply a commercial day from society to earn some extra money, so that’s why I came up with five creative ways to show your love while keeping it Low Budget. Can you guess which one will be my present for Alex?

#1: DIY Reasons why I Love You

Simple and Sweet: all you need for this gift is a deck of normal Cards and lots, lots, LOTS of Love! Write down a reason why you love your soulmate on each of the 52 cards in the deck, and bind them together like a little book. What is a better way to show your appreciation then literally telling him/her? And even better: if you don’t have a lover this V-Day, this gift could also perfectly work for your BFF or Mom: everyone deserves love! I found this cute Pinterest idea while checking out Everything Sunny Always, where Hannah explains about her present:

“I filled the deck of cards with 52 reasons why I love my wonderful husband. This is only a fraction of why I love that man. The list is eternally long. But for this project I narrowed it down to 52.”

Isn’t that the MOST romantic thing ever?! 

Valentine Gift Idea

#2: Love all year long: 52 Planned Date Nights

As I said before, showing your love shouldn’t just be happening on Valentine’s Day, so what better gift is there than a promise for a year filled with fun/romantic/cute/crazy dates?! Make a little coupon book with 52 pages on which you write down date ideas for every week of the year. You don’t have a cute coupon book, or no time to make one? You might as well use the Deck of Cards like ‘Reasons why I Love you’! If you have no inspiration for 52 dates you should check out ‘101 Creative Date Nights on a Dime’ from The Thinking Closet, she has more than enough ideas for you! Have fun:)

Valentine Gift 1

#3: A Special Breakfast in Bed

Who doesn’t love breakfast in bed? A small gesture to start someone’s day with a smile. I found this adorable idea on ‘Reclaiming Provincial’: a heart-shaped egg in crunchy toast! This literally couldn’t be easier since all you need is bread, butter and an egg. It’s recommended to first bake one side of the toast before cutting out the heart shape and then bake the egg inside the toast with the sunny side up. You can easily customize the breakfast with nice details such as hot coco, fig jam, cheddar cheese, ham, a fruit salad… champagne? Get creative!

Breakfast in Bed Idea 2 Breakfast in Bed Idea

#4: Treasure Hunting

Okay so if you have a bit more time to prepare for Sunday, why not make it fun? Leave little notes around the house with reasons why you love your other half, including some tips on where he/she can find you today! Or what about making it a quiz, and the first letter of each answer will explain where to go next? It’s all up to you!

What about meeting up at the place where you had your first date? Or go to that movie you’ve been wanting to see? A walk at the beach with a bottle of wine, or a picknick in the park? Is there a museum/ city/ concert your partner has been wanting to go to? This is your chance for a nice surprise!

Valentine Scavenger Hunt 1 Valentine Scavenger Hunt

#5: Last Minute DIY Crafts

Ups! You’ve been way too busy the past few weeks and you didn’t have time to prepare something special for V-Day (or let’s face it… you completely forgot). Don’t worry, there are lots of easy and fast ways to make your soulmate smile this Sunday. Here are some cute Pinterest ideas:


Valentine's Day1 Valentine's Day2 Valentine's Day 4

Did you already have plans for this Valentine’s Day ? Let me know what you will be up to!

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Valentine Giveaway: YSL Lipstick

February 1, 2016

Happy February!

Valentine’s Day is coming soon and Love is in the Air! Even if you haven’t found your other half yet, there is nothing wrong with celebrating the power of love with the people close to you :) And most importantly: love yourself! I thought well about my giveaway for this month and I figured it should be something which will make anyone happy, regardless of their relationship status. Introducing my Valentine Giveaway: the Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture Mats Lipstick. Quite a ‘mouth full’ isn’t it? ;)

Valentine Giveaway4Either you’ll be seducing your boyfriend this Valentine (or getting the perfect present for your girlfriend with this lipstick), partying all night with your best friend, or having a nice family dinner for some good old quality time. This lipstick will look beautiful on you no matter what you’ll be doing!

Yves Saint Laurent is known for its lipstick classics which looks good on any skin-color… do you want to find out if that’s true? All you have to do is to be subscribed to my newsletter, nothing less and nothing more!

Valentine Giveaway3In exactly one week I will announce the lucky Valentine Giveaway winner, perfectly in time to arrive before Valentine’s Day! Does anyone already have plans? I would love to hear about them!

Lots and lots of Love,


P.s. Thank you for the beautiful Photography Thomas Moke!